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A list of common annoyances with GNOME in openSUSE and in general. The hope is to solve all the openSUSE specific problems to make openSUSE's GNOME more usable, and to either poke upstream developers to solve issues more general to GNOME or patch them specifically for openSUSE and try to push them upstream. It is of the utmost importance to keep this list short, relevant and focused so that it is reasonably possible to solve most of them by 11.4.

Pet Peeves Project for 11.4

Specific to openSUSE

  • Notification theme lacks elegance. Fedora 13 and Ubuntu 10.04 on the other hand have moved to a much more elegant tooltip/notification theme which does add some beauty to the desktop.
    • vuntz: notification-daemon 0.5 contains a new cool default theme that we will use (it's already in G:F). Tooltip isn't changed, though.
    • badshah400: upstream bug and patch used by Fedora and Ubuntu for rounded tooltips.
    • badshah400: Fedora follow-up patches
    • badshah400: Fedora patch for better positioning of tooltips
  • CD drive getting locked in by the GNOME desktop Bug #418944.
  • New applications in application-browser not disappearing automatically after a number of uses, or a number of days Bug #591072.

Upstream issues

  • Maximize/Restore button and Close button on the window title-bar too close for comfort, and the buttons are small too leading to accidental closing of the window when the intention was to maximize/restore.
    • Solution: Add a spacer between the two buttons gconf key /apps/metacity/general/button_layout = menu:minimize,maximize,spacer,close
  • Banshee "Stop when finished" indicators
  • Epiphany Missing spellchecker
  • Icon scrambling in the desktop area
  • Lack of undo button in nautilus. See upstream discussion and upstream bug.
  • Gnome-terminal not being able to remember custom window sizes, and resetting to a default every time a new instance is started .
  • Open directory containing file in Evince
  • Network-manager is not a11y friendly
    • Example: Inability to connect to wireless/VPN without using mouse
  • A keyboard shortcut to toggle between open/close of the calendar
  • Easily add wallpapers to gnome-appearance-properties
  • Evolution's treeview looks ugly with threaded messages
    • Evolution showing mail in treeview doesn't work very well... Due to missing lines connecting the expanders you can hardly see the tree itself and have to look for that all the time. Might be in part a theme issue.
    • Refer here.
    • Looks impossible with wide view, and not so bad with the normal view, though tree-lines would definitely help esp with threads that run deep.
    • Evolution needs to use this function in threaded view: [3]
    • Upstream bug

Fixed issues

  • Nautilus not being able to remember custom window sizes, and resetting to a default every time a new instance is started [Upstream bug].
    • For nautilus, fixed upstream via this commit, and in openSUSE 11.4 Milestone 1
    • Upstream bug
  • Menu mess Bug #595912.
    • Already fixed by Milestone 1.

Involved user

badshah400 Talk - Contributions