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About Me edit

I am Sankar P

My full name is Sankarasivasubramanian Pasupathilingam (Yes, that is an insanely long name. You can call me sankar)

I am a member of the openSUSE project ever since its inception and has worked on it both officially and unofficially.

I have authored an edition of a Linux Identity Magazine for openSUSE. More details at:

You can contact me for anything related to openSUSE in the Asia Pacific region

If you feel bored and want to discuss about openSUSE, Linux, open-source Law, Copyrights, Patents, Programming Languages, Novell, Management philosophies, Psychology, Vegetarianism, etc. ping me.

On technology front:

+ I have worked as the Maintainer of Evolution mailer. I implemented the sqlite summary support for evolution and relicensed it into LGPL among various activities.

+ I have worked on both Kernel space and user space extensively in C and has good knowledge and small work experiences on CPP, Python, Java, SQL, C#, JSP, Struts, web-development etc.

+ In college days, I had a wrong idea about the word "Hacker" and as a result hacked into our college Netware systems getting the list of our lecturer's usernames and passwords.

+ I have worked with Tamil Nadu Government's initiative to Train the college Lecturers and setting the syllabus for a paper named "Linux and Open Source" in Engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu (an Indian state)