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Note: Bruno Friedmann's 2013 Board election platform

Introduction and Biography


Good day! I'm Bruno Friedmann, 43 years old, living in Charmoille Jura, Switzerland. (45 kms South of Basel)
Ways to contact me :

Originated from Strasbourg in France, I've moved to Switzerland 15 years ago to found my own enterprise. Since then, I've been working for Ioda-Net Sàrl, being active in IT stuff for SME around, deploying, maintaining openSUSE as server for all kind of mission. Even if I started using free software since 1996, I'm solely stuck on SUSE/openSUSE since 2003, and have found myself getting more involved as time has gone on. Especially since 2009 when openSUSE's project was born.

I'm supporter of KDE, FSFE's fellowship, member of association, AFUP & AFUL. These days I'm mostly working with our Marketing, ex Ambassador and Artwork teams. I'm also being active in booths when time and travel permit. Being there to offer information in french at Fosdem for example and some others events. I'm also involved in several packages on OBS, and try to be a good citizen managing my bugs reports until FIXED status. I'm also helping upstream to explain them our needs for obs packaging. Sometimes also offering patches to them.

A number of you also know me as M. FGLRX with the "unofficial but working repository" meaning since 11.2's release, I'm publishing ready to use rpm for end-users, packaging and hosting the work done by [Siebert]. Don't get me wrong, we're only postmen in this story (complains & bugs goes to AMD directly) :-)

I spend quite time in our IRC channels, where you find me under tigerfoot nickname. Like a bee I try to pick the best pollen in any of our excellent teams, and build honey to catch new comers. Thanks Enlightenment's team to have chosen OBS after demoing it at FOSDEM, and made E17 a new desktop choice in openSUSE. Who say with no defaults? ;-)


I'm a "Fucking Green Dreamer" of a world of collaboration, which will one day offer Freedom for everyone. But even if I'm dreaming, I never forget that Freedom has a price : Freedom is only what you do for it.

Major Issues

A Visible Active Board > A Visible Active Project - This idea owned and promoted by Richard Brown last year, is still an important point. I will sustain all the efforts made by the actual board, and as much as possible make it more and more a reality.

If I am elected to the board, my intention is to be an active, involved Board member. Dear members, I will ping at your door too! We will only success together.

Direction - If I'm elected to the board, I intend to work hard with all of youto identify what is inside the future crystal ball. We are still a "baby" community & project, with sometimes grumpy older man reaction. We need a future. See the current threads started (1), (2), (3)

Get shit done - If we want to raise our project, then some points have to be fixed, and quickly. The coordinator program, TSP, reimbursement, advertising material, obs cleanup, release process.

Minor Issues

Hidden Excellence - the openSUSE community has still a number of areas of excellence that are not (yet all) adequately recognized inside and outside our community. I would like to create the evidence for users, supporters to realize how easy it is to get involved. Some nice initiative happened during the last year.
My future mission: get more.

Fix that mess - We're somewhat geeks, and we're loving tools. But don't we have too much? How can we drive any new helping comers to find its way in our Green's tools Galaxy? I really would like to see a big cleanup coming true during 2014 : drop what's obsolete, update workflow, get communications channels with an appealing form. Freeing ourselves about the past itches will guide any of us to an efficient way of doing things. And there's plenty of place we can improve, for ourselves, and new comers.

Role of the board


Guardians of the past, Managers of the present, Creators of the future.

But we're a community, and whatever the idea or whoever propose it, it has to be implemented in the reality, inspire a new future, and finally be judged by the whole.

I wish to encourage any of you, owner of a dream to start sharing it with a trusted and small number of believers. (Could we call it a team? :-) Once matured, share it with us.

Don't expect that I will do all the work alone, there's smarter people everywhere around.
Motivating them to join the global effort, will be my job.


I will fork, copy and paste something that inspire me, and are so well written:

extract from Richard Brown 2012 platform
I don't think leadership in a project like ours should be dictatorial. I feel the board should act as 'enablers', 'cheerleaders', 'champions', and troubleshooters. The board's job should be to help you (the community) by proactively identifying where the project is going wrong and help pull people together to steer it in the right direction.
The board should be the primary point of contact for contributors and users to raise issues that cant be addressed elsewhere, which is why our board needs to be active, visible, and accessible.
The board should also be a source of new ideas and proposals for the community to consider, and should also encourage other contributors to fill their own ideas and help keep the Great Green Geeko rolling forward.


Why you should vote for me?

  • Because I care about our project, community, products, people.
  • I've provided both technical and non-technical contributions to the project.
  • While I have my own opinions, I like listen to and consider the opinion of others, especially when they disagree with me.
  • My experience outside of openSUSE, especially being in contact with people we can't still Free up, and perhaps market we should take care more of.
  • Most of it, I've a Geeko's car :-)


If elected I will

  • Encourage my fellow Board members to continue the effort of active role in the community
  • Motivate any fellow community members to take a more active role in our project
  • Start to educate users, how to become active. Wake them up : Hey dude! You're not a consumer here
  • Keep an eyes on the cross-collaboration happening inside our own team and with external projects
  • Kick Ass© to Henne until we find a desirable future we want to share
  • Increase ways to better advertise the work WE all do for our project


Room for your supporters to leave a word about you

Michal '-miska- Hrusecky

Bruno is a great guy who deeply cares about openSUSE, it's community and project in the general. I hope he will get in the board and I believe he will represent us well and help to make our project even better!

I met Bruno many times and he's a lot of fun (he covers our motto "Have a lot of fun"). His distro skills are above anyone can imagine. He's pretty active in many openSUSE teams. You can see from his platform he's painted green. He cares about the project so he knows how to help to make the project better. I strongly recommend you to vote for him.
Efstathios Iosifidis aka diamond_gr- openSUSE member, GNOME member

Drew Adams

I have known Bruno to always be a constructive, and encouraging collaborator with a great attitude. I find him inspiring though his /many/ contributions and his enthusiasm for openSUSE. Bruno is a doer with a great track record! I know he will be an even greater asset to the community as part of the Board --Drew Adams aka (Druonysus) openSUSE Member & Ambassador

= Jos Poortvliet

Bruno has been around for a long time, often taking care of things which were falling apart. I've gotten to know him as somebody who cares a lot, a people person motivated by working together. He's somebody wary of conflict, always open for a pleasant talk and with plenty of experience in almost all areas of openSUSE. Kick ass. -- jospoortvliet