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Note: This page is used by the candidate of the board election as a platform to show his views and answer some standard questions.

Introduction and Biography

Contact Details edit


  • Email: m4u9 at
  • Discord: m4u9
  • Matrix:
  • IRC: m4u9 on
  • Twitter: @mauriziogalli
  • My openSUSE Userpage

Hi! I'm Maurizio and I live in Hong Kong. People call me 'Mau' for short, which translates as 'cat' in Chinese. Online, and across the different parts of the project, I use the alias of 'm4u9'(maug). I am 36, born and raised in the warm and sunny southern part of Switzerland, and I moved to Hong Kong 9 years ago, working as a wine merchant and in the restaurant business.

I am a linux hobbyist, and my main contribution to the Project has been as one of the maintainers and packagers of Xfce in openSUSE since 2018. In short, for the last 2 years I've helped to polish defaults, add new packages and create Live and Virtual Machine images. In addition, I help out where I can, such as fixing bugs, other technicalities of the distributions, and also in the community work by moderating the openSUSE Discord server.

For those who are curious, I've got a more detailed bio in my wiki page or on my Connect profile.

Thoughts and Goals

When I first joined the openSUSE community, I was encouraged by how easy it is to make a mark and see the direct impact of your contribution to the distributions and the project overall. It's this kind of positive energy that makes the strength of the project.

Beside the publicly stated Board objectives that I agree with, I'd like to add two of my own which I'd like to focus on if elected:

  • Inspire newcomers: The board is the one body that should work hard to inspire the members of the community to bring the project forward, and also motivate new users to make big or small contributions, to improve the different areas of the project. Knowing that someone's work can have a meaningful contribution to the Project, will create a positive cycle and help the entire project grow.
  • Leave a mark: Through my work with Xfce, I came across developers from other distributions. Although openSUSE tends to get positive feedback, way too often the awesome technologies like OBS and Kiwi fly under the radar and the distributions are overlooked. In order to have contributors we need better awareness. As part of the board, I would like us to be more present in different platforms, and even collaborate with other distributions where possible. We can achieve this via various means of communications such as Youtube interviews, blogs and podcasts.

Why you should vote for me?

  • I deeply care about the future of the project and its people
  • I work hard to achieve my goals and I have a track record of getting things done
  • I have experience in community work and I'm easily reachable online.
  • I love interacting with community members, offering help to resolve issues or "recruit" contributors ;)
  • I hope to give our Asian communities a representation in governance of the Project and give more visibility to their invaluable contributions.


If you have any, please leave them below, you have my gratitude.

  • The group of volunteers united under the goal of revamping the openSUSE platform-wide documentation is glad to endorse Maurizio Galli in this election. We believe Maurizio will be a strong asset to the future Board and will work with us to improve openSUSE for everyone.