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Note: This page is used by the candidate of the board election as a platform to show his views and answer some standard questions.

Introduction and Biography

Contact Details edit

Contact Details

My contact details in short:

My name is Simon Lees, I commonly use the alias simotek in many parts of the openSUSE project though, I currently work for SUSE in the packaging team and have done so for 2 years but I have been involved in the openSUSE community for around 7 years, mostly packaging the enlightenment desktop and a few other things. I am also part of the factory review team and have contributed to a bunch of other areas including patterns etc.
I'm based out of Adelaide, Australia and in my spare time i've been known to create enlightenment desktop themes, robots, ride bikes or just head to the beach

Aims, Goals, Thoughts

The reasons I started using openSUSE were It treated all software particularly desktops equally and with yast it was easy to use. The reasons I started contributing to openSUSE 7ish years back were any contribution is welcome and contributing is easy. I don't have any radical new plans for the vision of the project I think its in a really good place, mostly I just want to keep helping to make the reasons I joined the project reasons for other people to join and keep working on the project.

Role of the board

I tend to agree with the current roles of the board outlined on the board wiki page, particularly as a point of contact, a conflict resolution body and as a way to help people with any roadblocks they have to implementing their ideas. The board has been doing a really good job in helping manage the project and I'd like to help it continue to do so.

Why you should vote for me?

With what I've said about the role of the board above I believe I have the right skill set to help the board do its job well. I am very passionate about the project and feel that it is a way that I can help make the project better.


If you'd like to endorse me add your comments below.

I worked some time on Enlightenment with Simotek and he was always positive, technically skilled, helpful and motivated. I'm sure he'll show the same drive in openSUSE Board. -- Tomas Cech (Sleep_Walker)

Over the 12 years i have been using Opensuse and SUSE, simotek has always been a calm, collected and open minded person. With a clear idea of how things can be done, he is open to alternative ways of approaching problems and their multiple solutions. This open minded trait will be a benefit to the Opensuse Project Board as it has been towards the Opensuse Project as a whole. -- Patrick Finie (Mir)