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Note: This page is used by the candidate of the board election as a platform to show his views and answer some standard questions.

Introduction and Biography

My name is Hendrik Vogelsang but I'm mostly, except by my Mom (Hi Mom!), known as Henne. I'm Thirtysomething years old, located in Nuremberg/Germany/Europe. I am working for 10+ years for the SUSE Linux Products GmbH as free and open source software developer. Currently as hacking, community guiding and buzz making project manager for the openSUSE Boosters. I am a founding and current board member of this project. In my spare time I like to herd Dodos, to sort screws by diameter and sitting inside while its raining. What I dislike, not only in my spare time, is stupidity in an form, taste or diameter. Go to to learn more about my thoughts and doings.

What I think are the major challenges for the openSUSE Project

Over the past couple of years the whole project has worked tirelessly on bringing everybody to equal footing and making it technically and socially possible to contribute. Making this possible was always the biggest issue on my agenda and still is.

If you look at my track record in this project you will see that I tried to play a part in nearly all of the efforts that were necessary to make this project a striving open source project. Be it the inauguration of the project in 2005 and all the groundwork afterward, the first baby-steps of the Build Service, the opening of the development process of the openSUSE Distribution in 2006, the election of the fist openSUSE Board in 2008, the re-organisation of this Wiki last year or lately the first steps towards an openSUSE Foundation.

And now that we are nearly there I think that we have the next big battle ahead of us: Making people actually use the power we provide them with. On the code level this works okay'ish: distribution and infrastructure contributions are on the rise but on the project level I see harsh weather ahead. We need to make sure that we as a community organize and stand together and have all hands on deck. Everybody that deeply cares about this project now needs to stand up, take responsibility and carry this project. And that effort is what I think the board needs to lead in the future.

What I deem important day to day tasks for the openSUSE Board

Now that we have all the infrastructure in place and all the people together that work the openSUSE Board needs to make sure that the people stay together and that the openSUSE environment is a constructive and healthy one. For this the board needs to continue to put the right people together on tasks, continue to help to resolve conflicts and further dismantle project wide road blockers.

What I would like the role of the board to be

I like that the openSUSE Board, by definition of the GP's, are no dictators but great communicators in the project. We don't dictate we facilitate. Yet we are (somehow) effective. This is something most other project's don't dare to do and I'm proud that we are able to pull this off! Yes it takes sometimes longer, yes it involves discussing everything (sometimes two or 15 times) in our group at length but it's the only way I would like, and feel comfortable with, to be represented as Member. That's how I want the board to continue.

Why I think you should vote for me


  1. I will continue to gather people that will take responsibility in this project.
  2. I will continue to push for an independent openSUSE community including an foundation that is fully controlled by us and that represents our project.
  3. I will continue to be a great communicator that mediates between, connects and unites people in this project.


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