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openSUSE Leap 15.3 beta phase became official March 3, 2021!. If you would like to organize a Pizza Party for testing the beta, we encourage it. Just put your info below and email ddemaio (at)

What kind of testing party is up to the organizers but it's usually about getting together somewhere to install openSUSE Leap 15.3 Beta and eat some pizza! Most of all is of course about having a lot of fun... If you are hosting one, go ahead and add it to list below! If you're interested in hosting one but have questions, read this earlier BetaPizzaParty blog, check the Launch Party HOWTO, and to find out what needs testing through the tracking doc or visit the opensuse-factory channel on Freenode IRC, see the article on news.o.o for information.

See below in the list for locations with upcoming BetaPizzaParties and add your own if YOU want to organize something!

Beta Pizza Party

Organizer Details Country, City Date/Time Planned size (guestimate)
Lots of geekos
You? What? Where? When? How many geekos?