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openSUSE:Ambassadors Collaboration Days/what was planned to be done

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openSUSE Collaboration Day for Ambassadors Program

As part of the openSUSE Marketing Collaboration Days the openSUSE Ambassadors team are proud to be the first topic focused during our openSUSE Collaboration Days.

During our Collaboration Ambassador Day, our main purpose was to be to work hard and get some work done about Ambassadors Program to strengthen our ability to promote openSUSE around the world. And we done!


What was planned to be done

Review our existing support materials for Ambassadors and identify key checkpoint materials such as a checklist for booths. Review openSUSE Booth design concepts and strengthen reference materials such as talking points and developing strong presentation/speaking skills.

A) Banner Distribution

We plan to distribute banners for booths which will be managed by "Banner Masters"

  • 1) Who will manage the banners. Which regional center is ideal for distribution?
  • 2) Some cost analysis for shipping costs from that center to other places
  • 3) Make proposals for requirements for banners to Artwork team

B) Booth Design

  • 1) Materials List
    • 1.a) Materials you can request from Novell
    • 1.b) Materials you can download
    • 1.c) Ideas- Materials you can Create. Tux Paper, cube cheat, flyers...
  • 2) Checklist (What you should always remember to bring with you at every event)
    • E.g. tape, scissors, DVDs, etc.
  • 3) Common Booth layouts
    • 3.a) Suggestions for typical booth with rectangular table
    • 3.b) Suggestions for typical booth with round table

C) Booth Organization

  • 1) Contacting an event to request booth space
  • 2) Promoting your event - PR and announcements
  • 2) Coordinating volunteers to staff the booth
  • 3) Talking Points
  • 4) Tips for good interactions


  • 5) Certificate as recognition for people that helps to work with booth
  • 6)Tell us your ideas of how you imagine a perfect banner so that we give the artwork Team some Ambassador Feedback
    • Wiki Cleanup
    • Calendar of Events
    • Calendar for 2011
    • 6) Tips and Tricks for activites inside educational, governament, private, retail, financial, medical market

D) Ambassadors Kit

  • 1) Udpate the Welcome email template
    • 1a) where to find ambassadors resources
    • 1b) Explanation of the duties of Ambassador
  • 2) Instructions for Demos (Belongs in Marketing Materials day)
  • 3) Templates for Reports, questionnaire, Interview
  • 4) Ambassadors success cases (Belongs in Marketing Materials day)

Interviews to be sent

E) Events Ambassadors should attend it - IT and non IT

  • 1) Unified Agenda for Ambassador Events
  • 2) Updating our agenda by giving information about important events that you have to and will be there in your region.

F) Ambassadors Portal

  • 1) Do we miss something over there?
  • 2) Translations to all ambassadors native languages.
  • 3) Success Cases for Ambassadors activities
  • 4) Ambassadors report/ interview/ success case/ activity at news.o.o