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About Henne edit

Hendrik Vogelsang mostly, except by his Mom (Hello Henne's Mom!), known as Henne. Thirtysomething years old, located in Nuremberg/Germany/Europe. Henne is working since 10+ years for the SUSE Linux Products GmbH as free and open source software developer. Currently as hacking, community guiding and buzz making project manager. He is a founding and board member of the openSUSE project, the open source project that delivers you the German Engineering version of a Linux distribution. In his spare time he likes herding Dodos, sorting screws by diameter and sitting inside while its raining. What he dislikes, not only in his spare time, is stupidity in any form, taste or diameter. Go to hennevogel.de to learn more about his thoughts and doings.

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Contact edit

henne on irc
hennevogel on jabber