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Hi Kim,

below is content of page Benutzer:OpenLHAG that is probably created by mistake.

Name: Kim Leyendecker

Day of birth: 17th February

Hobbies: openSUSE (of course!), Linux, Soccer and some tv shows ;)

Favourites: Linux, Green Day, FC Bayern and Penguins

Why I use openSUSE?

Because it´s the easiest distro for me, and I like the whole service like the OBS and this wiki.

Why Linux?

Because it´s a sympathic OS. I mean if I see Tux or Geecko I think the world is fine. Don´t know how, but Linux gives me more secure for my life. The system and the whole "Linux-world" is an important piece of my life.


E-Mail: (Please don´t write for some chats)

IRC: k-d-l

Website/Blog: (English)

If you need some other contact information, just ask!

I hope I can help the openSUSE-Community and maybe help people to use Linux


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