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Hello all out there!

my name is Kim Leyendecker and I´m from Germany. My tasks in the openSUSE project are the German Wiki ( and to be part of the news team. I´m also responsible for the People of openSUSE series and for some appliances on SUSE Studio.

NOTE: Don´t be afraid to ask about an interview for people of openSUSE! I would be glad to get most people of our project interviewed, so -> I want YOU! ;-)

Maybe you´re still asking about WTF I´m doing for the openSUSE project, so here, you´ll get an incomprehensive overview of my project work:

  • Part of the German wiki team
  • Interviewer for the People of openSUSE series
  • RPM Packager (quite an hobby, since then nothing that I really contributed to the distro.)

- My virtualiziation repository: My Virtualization repository

I hope this list gave you a short overview about myself.

Have a lot of fun...