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My developments

Nelson GNU/Linux-libre

Simply, I aim my family of my operating systems to be AT MAXIMUM 0x0.bG = dx704MiB for you to be downloaded, but also to be feature-rich, finally they have been included of the security aspects like torsocks, the Libre kernels (blobs are very often malware, said Richard Stallman and GNU), the YaST2 clients and servers of the authentications, finally the SuSEfirewall2.

In addition, to reach the top security standard and to be bleeding-edged my developments are under an unscheduled rolling release models, hence all being the Tumbleweed derivatives.

My default desktop shell is Cinnamon, with also LXQt flavours available.


This is my 100% free just enough operatins system, just sharing similarities with miniSuSE (Alexander, Lucky Tutorials, hgj editions) Parabola, ArchBang, Trisquel mini.

GNU Free Linux Enterprise Desktop

This project is my first conservative operating system appliance, but also the first practical edition to GNUe, GNU for Enterprise, with my codebase on SLED 12.1, SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 12 with Service Pack 1. My efforts are inspired Microlinux, an CentOS derivative with former Slackware codebase, CentOS has no blobs but its kernel is not free, however this GNU/FreeLED project instead even practices Linux-libre as kernel, to be the first completely free software operating system for enterprising.

My personal improvements over others



GNU on Gallium

My distro

Distro Dates installed Libre kernel? Explicit blobs? Derived over? Release models Desktop shells Download sizes (approx; in hex)
openSuSE Tumbleweed 27 May no no independent rolling LXQt 0x0.fG
Parabola 10 July yes no Arch rolling MATE 0x1.fG
ROSA OS 25 September no yes urpmi LTS LXQt 0x0.eG
Mageia 25 September no yes urpmi LTS Xfce 0x1.3G
Devuan 21 August no no Debian Linux LTS Xfce 0x0.5G
Kali OS 16 September no yes Debian Linux LTS Openbox 0x0.dG
Linux Mint 2 30 January no yes Debian Linux LTS Cinnamon 0x1.7G
Lubuntu 17.10
(my newbie distro)
23 August 2016 no yes Debian Linux standard LXQt 0x1.5G
FreeBSD 3 October BSD yes independent LTS KDE 0x3.3G
TrueOS 3 October BSD unknown FreeBSD LTS Lumina 0x2.5G
GhostBSD 3 October BSD unknown FreeBSD LTS Xfce
MidnightBSD 3 October BSD unknown FreeBSD LTS Xfce
NetBSD 3 October BSD unknown independent LTS

Past distro

Distro Dates uninstalled Libre kernel? Explicit blobs? Derived over? Release models Desktop shells Download sizes (approx; in hex)
ArchBang 9 July no unknown Arch rolling Openbox 0x0.bG
Fedora 27 7 September no no, but tolerating RPMfusion to ship nonfree independent standard LXQt 0x1.2G
CentOS 7 27 January no no Fedora LTS GNOME 0x0.bG