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Huge Linux fan and avid user of openSUSE.

My mission is to make openSUSE the go-to Linux distribution for the masses and to help to educate and to empower everyone to use their computers as a reliable and highly useful tool for everyday tasks.

Pages that I help to maintain

These are listed here, not to pat myself on the back but rather that I don't like organizing my bookmarks. So this is WAY easier for me to keep track and update as I have time to do so and have only one bookmark, to this page.

Personal website

I don't find it to be appropriate to put my opinions within any openSUSE wiki nor do I like the idea of even steering someone on the wiki. I leave that for my own personal site where I can blather away unabashedly. I like what I like but I don't necessarily think that what I like is better... just what I like.


Feel free to contact me, complain, gripe or otherwise. If you want to send a nice message, I'll take that too.