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AMD Hardware


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AMD fglrx

AMD graphics (formerly ATI) is an important part of the openSUSE user experience. Here is short intro to used drivers, and links to configuration pages.

Depending on the type of GPU (Graphics Processor Unit) you have in your computer, properly configuring it may vary. To determine the type of GPU you have in your computer open a terminal and run:


Look for output relating to either Display controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] with some sort of nomenclature following Radeon. The path you follow will depend on what hardware you have installed. For most "newer" computers the open source AMDGPU driver will suit your needs.

An optional application to monitor the AMD GPU statistics called Radeon-Profile can be installed from the openSUSE Software Site


For OpenCL support see AMD OpenCL page.

Open Source AMD edit


AMDGPU is the next generation family of open source graphics drivers for newer AMD/ATI Radeon graphics cards based on the Graphics Core Next-chipsets, ranging from GCN1 (Radeon HD 7000) up to the latest graphics cards.


The radeon driver is an open source driver for fairly old ATI Radeon cards.

Proprietary AMD edit


AMDGPU-PRO is the next generation closed source graphics component that operates on top of the open source AMDGPU drivers for newer AMD/ATI Radeon graphics cards.


For Radeon GPUs HD 5xxx or above

Radeon GPUs HD 4xxx or below should use the open-source radeon driver