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I cannot do what is described at under "Transfer Missing Pages" which I was told that I should do because the Special:Import on the new wiki results only a

Permission error
The action you have requested
is limited to users in the
group: Administrators.

Meanwhile this particular error seems to have been fixed, but now it fails with

Import pages
Import failed:
Loss of session data.
Please try again.

Someone told me this is a Ichains (or whatever this thingy is called) issue but in the end it doesn't matter for me which technical piece fails - I just give up now - of course I did some retries but it failed again and again.

I appreciate any help to fill in a better content here but first and foremost at least the topmost important SDB articles which are linked here must be correctly transferred to the new openSUSE wiki. I have a bit of time to keep those articles up to date but I do not have the time to manually transfer them literally one by one.

Who am I: User:Jsmeix