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The current content here is mainly a collection of links to articles where you find the actual documentation and help regarding printing.

Known Issues

See openSUSE:Most annoying bugs in particular:



For older known issues see Archive:Printing News.


For the history of Printing News see Archive:Printing News.

Full compliance with upstream Ghostscript

openSUSE 12.2 provides a major cleanup of Ghostscript. All our own patches were dropped to enforce a reset to 100% compliance with upstream.

For background information see in the openSUSE Bugzilla the issue "Ghostscript: Package clean-up and upgrade to latest stable release" in particular see comment #36 therein.

Work in Progress

Deal with the major incompatible changes since CUPS 1.6

CUPS 1.6 and later versions have major incompatible changes compared to all CUPS versions up to 1.5.4.

In particular since CUPS 1.6 printing in the network does no longer work as it did up to CUPS 1.5.4, see SDB:CUPS in a Nutshell.

Furthermore since CUPS 1.6 several programs that are needed for print job processing (so called "filters" for printing) were dropped in CUPS and are now provided in the separated package "cups-filters".

Up to openSUSE 13.2 we provide CUPS version 1.5.4 so that there are no incompatible changes up to openSUSE 13.2.

After the openSUSE 13.2 release it is planned to upgrade the printing system in the openSUSE build service development project "Printing" to CUPS 1.7 or CUPS 2.x plus cups-filters.

For more detailed information what is going on see in the openSUSE Bugzilla the issue bnc#735404.