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The Official openSUSE documentation

openSUSE Docs Team Meetings

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Popular documentation on the wiki


Installation - Articles covering all aspects of the installation of openSUSE.


Migration to a new openSUSE version - If you are a new openSUSE user, or want to do a distribution upgrade from a previous release.


Package management - Install, remove or update software.


Configuration - System and application configuration articles.


HOWTOs - HowTo guides on a wide variety of topics.


Hardware - Supported platforms, hardware compatibility lists, tweaking, optimizing, and troubleshooting.


Frequently asked questions - Have questions or solutions to common questions about openSUSE? Feel free to add to this FAQ!

General information


openSUSE general information


Linux general information

openSUSE internals

openSUSE special configuration tools are usually named "YaST", because most of the work is done through YaST, but there are several independent tools one can get to know. We will try to have here a better documentation or links for these tools.

  • YaST - The installation and system management tool
  • Libzypp - The package management library
  • Zypper - The package manager command line interface
  • SuSEfirewall2 - The openSUSE firewall script

Other resources