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Here are some of the unofficial distributions based on openSUSE. They are aimed to make non official openSUSE versions, for special purposes.



Great live installable DVD with a focus on polish and out-of-the-box usability on the desktop. Cinnamon, Xfce, Gnome, Plasma 5, Mate, Budgie, and LXQt editions available.

Linux Kamarada


Linux Kamarada
Based on openSUSE Leap, Linux Kamarada provides a installable LiveDVD with a full-featured and nice-looking GNOME desktop. It is made thinking on people who are starting to use computers and/or Linux, but it also appeals to more experienced users. It is suitable for everyday use be at home or at work, in private companies or government entities.

openSUSE EcoLab Spin


A spin that aims to provide ecological and biological researchers a better experience when using a Linux distribution. Available as a live installable DVD based on openSUSE Leap 42.1.


GNOME Next is a development branch aimed at inclusion into Factory. At the point where GNOME:Next reaches stable versions, we will evaluate efforts to branch it off for the latest released version of openSUSE.


Argon and Krypton

Packages built for KDE Git using stable and tested openSUSE technologies to track the latest development state of KDE software. Argon is a live installable image based on openSUSE Leap and Krypton is a live installable image.


External projects
Currently none. Change this list if you know some.
Build your own live CD
Those interested in trying to build their own live CD can take a look at Studio Express.

The Medical project provided relevant packages for physician's practices and other clinical environments like clinical research.


KDE desktop with Oxygen icons, VLC media player, codecs for Lithuania.

Edu Li-f-E

openSUSE Edu Li-f-E was a Education project to create a live DVD/USB media, entirely dedicated to students, teachers, parents and IT administrators of educational institutes.

Nelson GNU/Linux-libre

Maintained By: HD Scania. A family of GNU/Linux-libre distributions which are aimed to secure you against the malware, frees you from the proprietary blobs (very often malware), finally saves your hardware system resources. Cinnamon is set as the default desktop. There is also LXQt flavour available, LXQt flavour is dedicated for people that are fully dissatisfied with Gtk+ and need Qt-only environment, note that KDE instead integrates Qt alongside Gtk+. HD Scania recommends his family of distributions to the m$win refugees, especially the ones that have had suffered from malware.

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