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Develop it

Help us develop our distribution or our infrastructure.

  • Design openSUSE Artwork
    Interested in contributing to the look and feel of openSUSE? Visit the Artwork Pixel pool to show off your designs and help influence the next version of openSUSE's artwork.
  • Localize openSUSE Specific Applications
    Translations of YaST2 and other applications specific to openSUSE.
    For KDE, GNOME and different applications that don't belong to either of two, it is possible to find contributors in other Linux communities, but YaST and Co are our responsibility. Read more about it on
  • Test openSUSE and Report Bugs
    You can help improve openSUSE by finding and reporting bugs. Our bug tracking system, Bugzilla, is used for all openSUSE/SUSE Linux products. If you have never written a bug report, please refer to Bug reporting FAQ to learn what kinds of information make the report most useful. You are welcome to participate in our Bug day events. In addition to the current release, you can also test our regularly updated development version at Factory which will result in the next openSUSE version.
  • Start with a Junior Job
    Junior jobs are issues that are easy to do such as basic bug fixes, package updates or the creation of a test case. Every maintainer sometimes has these. It is nice to have them fixed but usually maintainers are too busy or want to reserve them for someone who wants to learn. These tasks are a great opportunity to start for community members who want to contribute, but don't know how. The maintainers are very willing to help you learn!
  • Screen openFATE Features
    You can assure best outcome for the openSUSE distribution by reviewing the proposed Features for the next product generation to keep openFATE as efficient as possible.
  • Package Applications
    Packaging describes the process of getting your packaged application into the next release. For more information about getting source code and building your own packages, read the openSUSE Build Tutorial.
  • Develop Patches
    The most obvious way for programmers to participate in the development of openSUSE is to post a patch as a suggested solution to an existing bug in Bugzilla. Each package has a maintainer, who will contact you to discuss your proposed solution. You may want to join one of our development mailing lists before you start coding in order to discuss your plans and coordinate with other developers.
  • Work on a Google Summer of Code project
    There are several areas in and around openSUSE which offer the opportunity to do a Google Summer of Code project. If you are a student, you can participate by developing one of the open source projects described here (or propose an idea of your own!) and earn money, while being mentored by an experienced member of the openSUSE community.
  • Build your own openSUSE based distribution
    You can quite easily build your own openSUSE based distro using SUSE Studio or OBS and KIWI. Developing a specialized openSUSE version, like openSUSE Medical which caters to a specific target group is something we'd love to see you do!

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