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This page will help to familiarize you with openSUSE webpages. The purpose of each webpage is specific and reside in different repositories listed on openSUSE's github or other locations. The project encourages contribution to the websites (when possible) to help visitors understand the openSUSE Project, its various tools, distributions and community-related activities. People can contribute directly to the project and engage with the openSUSE community as they actively enhance peoples experience with open source software.

Websites & Purpose

Please note that .o.o means

Project Related

  • This page is meant to give an overall impression about the openSUSE Project. openSUSE is a project full of projects and this landing page tries to capture this.
  • New Landing Page: This page is meant to be the next new landing page for the openSUSE Project. Lend your input to present the fullness of the openSUSE Project.
  • news.o.o: This site helps to keep reads informed of official news related to the openSUSE. Contributions are welcome, but make sure to read the README.
  • status.o.o: This page is meant to provide a quick reference to the status of openSUSE infrastructure. It is run by the openSUSE Heroes.
  • events.o.o: This site is meant for openSUSE related events like its conference and summit. It allows for people to register for the event and submit talks. It allows the organizers to accept talks, schedule rooms and events and much more. The project is based on the Open Source Event Manager.
  • paste.o.o: This site is used to copy and paste text, code, logs and more to help reduce storage for the project. Images can also be uploaded to the site for temporary usage. Files are deleted as set by the time limit of the user.
  • 101.o.o: This site is designed for the purpose of mentoring. Whether it is a mentor or a mentee. The site is used to capture projects that can be working on for the Google Summer of Code and more.
  • planet.o.o: This site is a web feed aggregator that collects blog posts from people who contribute to openSUSE.
  • shop.o.o: This site provides a collection of merchandise that can be purchased from third-party approved vendors.

Distribution Related

  • get.o.o: The openSUSE Project is made up of several distributions. This site is meant to give potential users an overview on the differences in the distributions and help to to select the correct image for their use case.
  • software.o.o: This site is meant for more than just openSUSE distributions. It is the frontend of software packages build in the Open Build Service. Software available on this site show several non-openSUSE distributions. There is a vision for software.o.o. that could use contribution. This can be viewed in the Dyad Proposal.
  • metrics.o.o: This site is meant to provide insight as to the use of openSUSE distributions. Developers with Python skills and knowledge of Grafana can find the code at
  • bugzilla.o.o: This site is meant to file bug reports specific to openSUSE distributions.
  • countdown.o.o: This site is meant to provide a countdown to the next openSUSE release, which excludes Tumbleweed.

Community Related

  • chat.o.o.: This page is one of the communications channels used to interact with the community in general.
  • etherpad.o.o: This site is a collaborative tool for the openSUSE community to help with brainstorming, workshops, meetings, etc.
  • meet.o.o This site is the openSUSE community's Jitsi instance. Just visit /bar.

How to contribute

openSUSE is going through a transition period with its brand and can use contributions in many ways. Please see the image below. Oo.png openSUSE has for the past seven years had two distributions it focused on. Leap and Tumbleweed! The focus for the project is changing as plans have evolved for a newer distribution called openSUSE:ALP. This distribution has yet to be developed, but it will present a new narrative about openSUSE distributions and it has a logo that differs from Leap. Tumbleweed will continue to move forward and design elements for the project may need a change as the project nears to the finish line for ALP. Many things are unknown at this time, which is why the vision below is TBD, but you're more than welcome to join in on the conversation.



Things to Consider

  • Design ideas on the web - Technologies, layout and design are always evolving. Be modern and purposeful.


  • Usability - Some of the sites have usability while others are static.
  • Templates
    • Layout provides a common theme where visitors can find language, source code, etc.


    • Keep the Logo on brand


If you would like to communicate with other people involved with the web design for openSUSE, please reach out to the following platforms.