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Warning: This page is still under development

Various versions of the Raspberry Pi come with either a 26-pin header or a 40-pin header, a range of hats are already documented, this page aims to give all the information required to use a hat that is not yet documented or to use your own device.

Documented Hats

Hats designed for the 26-pin header will generally also fit the 40-pin header.

Hardware Interfaces

The Header provides access to a number of hardware based communication protocols you can find out how to configure them with the following guides or you can use the GPIO Pins Directly


The UART can be used as a Serial Console as described Here, if you would like to use the UART for an alternate use you will need to disable the serial console with the following steps.

  1. In Yast go to bootloader->Kernel Parameters and remove "console=ttyS0,115200n8"
  2. Disable the getty service systemctl disable getty@tty1.service
  3. On the Raspberry Pi3 you will also need to disable bluetooth in /boot/efi/extraconfig.txt add dtoverlay=disable-bt
Warning: This section could be expanded to cover the additional UART's on the Raspberry Pi4 and the miniUART on the raspberry pi3

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