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  1. Own experience of openSUSE 11.3 M6
  2. Material for the Weekly News (LWFinger)


May 03 18:58:23 <Holgi> jo all May 03 19:00:14 <LWFinger> Hi May 03 19:00:16 <Vojtaeus> Hello May 03 19:02:13 <LWFinger> Looks like a small meeting. May 03 19:05:04 <Holgi> yes May 03 19:06:46 <Holgi> wondering where bernhard is May 03 19:07:10 <LWFinger> M6 looks pretty good. This is the first 11.3 that I mounted /home and I'm using it now. May 03 19:07:50 <Vojtaeus> And going to be smaller... Holgi, I decided to leave the team, because I overestimated my time possibilities and I'm not able to give to testing as much time as I'd wish. I'm very sorry... Rather I'll do translations properly than both for half... May 03 19:08:35 <Holgi> Vojtaeus: bad, but thanks for telling us May 03 19:08:52 <Vojtaeus> Sorry :-( May 03 19:09:30 <Holgi> LWFinger: can you lead the meeting please May 03 19:09:50 <LWFinger> Yes, but is it worth it? May 03 19:11:20 <LWFinger> We have only two agenda items. The first is "own experience of openSUSE 11.3 Milestone 6 " May 03 19:11:36 <Holgi> yes, let's do it anyway May 03 19:12:01 <LWFinger> As I stated earlier, I'm running M6 regularly. May 03 19:12:24 <Holgi> ok, we ran into a bug installing openoffice May 03 19:13:21 <LWFinger> I had no installation bug, and I have not yet tried OOo. May 03 19:14:35 <LWFinger> Is the openoffice bug fixed? May 03 19:15:14 <Holgi> bug #600502 May 03 19:15:17 <bugbot> openSUSE bug 600502 in openSUSE 11.3 ( "YaST2 stops while installing openoffice_org-calc-extensions" [Major,Resolved: duplicate] May 03 19:16:05 <Holgi> seem to be so May 03 19:16:57 <LWFinger> I did hit the yast2-network failure - bug #600576, but that is also fixed May 03 19:17:02 <bugbot> openSUSE bug 600576 in openSUSE 11.3 (YaST2) "yast network settings" [Critical,Resolved: fixed] May 03 19:18:37 <LWFinger> I hit a minor bug where the "Misc Fixed" font is strange, but switching to "Lucinda Typewriter" was OK. No bug report filed yet. May 03 19:19:53 <LWFinger> I also found a more serious bug in trying to setup my NFS volumes, but have not yet had time to characterize it. Will file a bug report when I have time. May 03 19:20:54 <Holgi> ok, good May 03 19:21:11 <LWFinger> Otherwise all is fine. May 03 19:22:58 <LWFinger> I am even running the nouveau video driver for my nVidia card - the first time it has worked. May 03 19:23:37 <LWFinger> Any other comments on this topic? May 03 19:23:42 --> Thomaas ( has joined #opensuse-testing May 03 19:25:42 <LWFinger> James Mason has a very good description of the changes from M5 to M6 at May 03 19:26:02 * Holgi does not have May 03 19:27:49 <javier__> this is not testing per se, but it would be great if the screensaver is temporarily stopped when watching videos (flash, mpeg, etc) May 03 19:29:17 <LWFinger> I'm not sure how that would be implemented, but you need to add an openFate request for that. I think that is the correct place. May 03 19:29:58 <LWFinger> I use Mythtv and it disables screen saving when showing video, thus it can be done. May 03 19:30:52 <LWFinger> OK, on to the second topic - "material for the Weekly News". May 03 19:30:58 <Holgi> ok May 03 19:31:50 <LWFinger> I added this one. As the liason between the Testing Tean and the Weekly News, I am submitting a short report each week. May 03 19:32:24 <-- Vojtaeus has quit (Remote host closed the connection) May 03 19:32:43 <LWFinger> The first one covered the nature of the Team, and the second had a link to Berhard's videos. May 03 19:33:34 <LWFinger> If you have any info that should be presented, please send it to me. My deadline is 0:00 UTC each Saturday. May 03 19:35:45 <Holgi> I was very happy when I saw your mail about news May 03 19:36:09 <LWFinger> Thanks. May 03 19:36:57 <LWFinger> This topic doesn't need much discussion. Any other topics? May 03 19:37:04 <Holgi> did you get any feedback to your help request mail May 03 19:37:15 <LWFinger> None so far. May 03 19:39:53 <Holgi> :-( May 03 19:40:41 <Holgi> ok, I have just an update about opert May 03 19:40:45 <Holgi> operator May 03 19:40:47 <Holgi> for this channel May 03 19:40:55 <Holgi> I found out who is in charge May 03 19:41:31 <Holgi> and try to find out if he really is May 03 19:42:22 <LWFinger> What, nickname only? May 03 19:43:11 <Holgi> no, it's someone working for suse May 03 19:45:15 <LWFinger> From the May 21 release date of M7, our next meeting should be May 24 at 17:00 UTC. Is that OK? May 03 19:46:41 <Holgi> yes May 03 19:48:12 <LWFinger> I think the meeting is concluded. May 03 19:49:38 <Holgi> ok, thanks larry May 03 19:50:02 <LWFinger> See you in 3 weeks. Bye May 03 19:50:12 <Holgi> right, have a good day May 03 19:50:16 <Holgi> bye