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openSUSE:Testing meeting 20100329

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  1. Own experience of openSUSE 11.3 M4
  2. Testing new version of yast2-gtk on GNOME


Mar 29 19:02:04 <Holgi> hi everybody Mar 29 19:02:47 <jradzuweit> hiho Mar 29 19:02:52 <anaumov> hi Mar 29 19:03:05 <k0da>  ! Mar 29 19:04:06 <Holgi> let's see who is familiar with the daylight saving time ;-) Mar 29 19:04:47 <LWFinger> Hi Mar 29 19:05:03 <Vojtaeus> Good afternoon :) Mar 29 19:05:17 <bmwiedemann> good evening Mar 29 19:05:46 <Holgi> hey, looks like we have some more attendees this time :-) Mar 29 19:06:01 <bmwiedemann> so we open the meeting now with two topics on the list Mar 29 19:06:21 <bmwiedemann> Testing new version of yast2-gtk on Gnome by badshah Mar 29 19:06:27 <LWFinger> My apologies for missing last time. Mar 29 19:06:37 <Holgi> LWFinger: accepted ;-) Mar 29 19:07:16 <bmwiedemann> (IMHO even small meetings can help) Mar 29 19:07:27 <badshah> Hi! Mar 29 19:07:44 <badshah> sorry for being late, am i to explain my topic now? Mar 29 19:07:54 <bmwiedemann> badshah: can you explain more on that topic? Mar 29 19:08:01 <badshah> yes certainly Mar 29 19:08:47 <badshah> Since Milestone 3 and more firmly in Milestone 4 yast2-gtk has been updated with inputs from several people to make it more user-friendly Mar 29 19:09:46 <badshah> it is somewhat different from the version in 11.2 and requires testing wrt usability and bugs of course Mar 29 19:10:54 <badshah> i just wanted to point this out in the meeting so that people testing gnome or kde try the latest yast-gtk out and test it extensively Mar 29 19:11:00 <Vojtaeus> When discussing building of XFCE live CDs with prusnak, he found GTK YaST is depending on Qt YaST. Not very nice... Mar 29 19:11:54 <badshah> this happened with MS4? Mar 29 19:12:25 <Holgi> Vojtaeus: I guess you already files a bug about that, didn't you? Mar 29 19:13:03 <Vojtaeus> Holgi: Prusnak discussed it with developpers and I think the thinks are mooving :) Mar 29 19:13:15 <badshah> i was involved with the group that developed yast2-gtk and usability was a key concern there, so this could be a test-case for the usability testing plan, right? Mar 29 19:13:16 <Holgi> badshah: do you have a plan to create test plan to test the new yast2-gtk? Mar 29 19:13:56 <badshah> You can create a test-plan for me in tsetopia and i will then do the corresponding test runs Mar 29 19:14:10 <badshah> the following test-cases should be present:- Mar 29 19:14:22 <Holgi> badshah: you can add test cases on your own Mar 29 19:14:29 <badshah> 1. New "Undo" box Mar 29 19:14:33 <badshah> ok i can do that Mar 29 19:14:36 <bmwiedemann> badshah: you mean test-cases? Mar 29 19:14:46 <badshah> Holgi: i can add the test cases Mar 29 19:14:54 * k0da will back in 10 Minutes Mar 29 19:15:00 <-- k0da has quit (Quit: Leaving) Mar 29 19:15:00 <Holgi> badshah: fine - I'm about to create the plan Mar 29 19:15:09 <badshah> Holgi: ok, thanks Mar 29 19:15:41 <badshah> bmwiedemann: yes, ig Holgi is creating a test-plan for yast-gtk i can add the test cases and do all the test runs Mar 29 19:16:29 <anaumov> Holgi, what's about bugs for yast2-gtk in bugzilla? Any feedback from test_users? Mar 29 19:17:36 <anaumov> maybe we can use this info for test_case... or something like this.... Mar 29 19:17:40 <Holgi> anaumov: I did not track them so far Mar 29 19:18:04 <anaumov> ok Mar 29 19:19:46 <bmwiedemann> when this topic is done, we can move to the next and last one: "own experience of openSUSE 11.3 Milestone 4" Mar 29 19:20:07 <Holgi> badshah: - I'm just adding access permissions Mar 29 19:20:28 <badshah> I think we are done here then, will add the test-cases immediately after meeting Mar 29 19:21:05 <LWFinger> I've not used yast-gtk, but it is installed. How to start? Mar 29 19:21:46 <badshah> LWFinger: as root u can start the gtk-interfce using yast --gtk Mar 29 19:21:55 <LWFinger> Thanks. Mar 29 19:23:26 <badshah> bmwiedemann: i guess over to the next topic then? Mar 29 19:23:32 <bmwiedemann> yes Mar 29 19:24:30 <bmwiedemann> I did one or two installs of MS4 in kvm and VirtualBox. Mar 29 19:25:08 <bmwiedemann> a few things still need polishing. like upstart leaving tty1 empty. and openoffice crashing where the same version on 11.2 worked fine. Mar 29 19:25:20 <LWFinger> On MS4, the problem of booting NET and the DVD in VirtualBox remains as long as ipv6 is enabled. Mar 29 19:25:33 <badshah> I kept hitting this everytime I tried to install bug # 581636 Mar 29 19:26:07 <Vojtaeus> Nepomuk is still not working at all... Mar 29 19:26:33 <badshah> thereafter, though I managed to get the system started in graphics mode with MS4 unlike with MS3 where nothing seemed to work Mar 29 19:26:43 <bmwiedemann> also got this. Mar 29 19:26:50 <bugbot> openSUSE bug 581636 in openSUSE 11.3 (Installation) "System doesn't start in graphics mode after installation from KDE Live CD." [Major,New] Mar 29 19:27:45 <badshah> but then compiz seemed to be botched [ ] Mar 29 19:27:49 <bugbot> openSUSE bug 575559 in openSUSE 11.3 (Compiz) "No titlebar when using Compiz desktop effects" [Major,New] Mar 29 19:28:10 <badshah> other than that I found no problems yet Mar 29 19:28:21 <LWFinger> I also hit Mar 29 19:28:24 <bugbot> openSUSE bug 591686 in openSUSE 11.3 (Network) "Wireless driver p54usb fail to transmit in 11.3 Milestone 4/kernel 2.6.33-6.3" [Major,Resolved: wontfix] Mar 29 19:28:54 <badshah> Also, is someone testing MS4 on a laptop? Mar 29 19:29:00 <LWFinger> That one is in the kernel on Factory, but not if I build the same one locally. Mar 29 19:29:23 <LWFinger> badshaw: Yes. Mar 29 19:29:44 <badshah> LWFinger: could u try and see if u hit this bug [ ] Mar 29 19:29:44 <bmwiedemann> badshah: yes, on an eeepc900 Mar 29 19:29:49 <bugbot> openSUSE bug 591669 in openSUSE 11.2 (GNOME) "gnome-power-manager icon does not show correct charging status" [Normal,New] Mar 29 19:29:59 <badshah> I find this nagging devkit problem in 11.2 Mar 29 19:31:22 <LWFinger> badshaw: I don't generally run Gnome, but will try. Mar 29 19:32:01 <badshah> LWFinger: ok, thanks [as I dont have a laptop, there is no way i can try this] Mar 29 19:32:01 <bmwiedemann> I also found that one bug that made it to the 11.2-GM was fixed in 11.3MS (booting RAID10) Mar 29 19:32:24 <Holgi> badshah: plan + permissions are ready Mar 29 19:32:33 <badshah> Holgi: ok, thanks Mar 29 19:33:07 <badshah> will create test-cases soon Mar 29 19:33:50 <Holgi> badshah: good Mar 29 19:35:37 <badshah> also found during testing several bugs in gnome-control-center reported for 11.2 have been fixed for MS4 Mar 29 19:36:11 <badshah> sorry that was control-centre and gnome-main-menu Mar 29 19:36:25 <badshah> but no online updates for 11.2 yet Mar 29 19:37:45 <bmwiedemann> badshah: did they add a comment to bugzilla? Mar 29 19:38:10 <LWFinger> Speaking of 11.2 updates - anyone else have the impression that the number of bad ones are increasing? Mar 29 19:38:45 <badshah> bmwiedemann: nope, and i am tired of poking them in bugzilla Mar 29 19:39:27 <badshah> did a lot of that for lots of trivial bug-fixes that were ready even before 11.2 was released but have not been sent out as updates yet Mar 29 19:39:28 <Vojtaeus> LWFinger: I'm also fine with updates Mar 29 19:40:13 <bmwiedemann> badshah: same for my - but at least that is hard to fix for 11.2-release DVDs. Mar 29 19:40:18 <bugbot> openSUSE bug 556953 in openSUSE 11.2 (YaST2) "can not boot with / on RAID10" [Major,New] Mar 29 19:40:36 <badshah> LWFinger: they released a GNOME update from 2.28 -> 2.28.2 which was a great thing though Mar 29 19:41:21 <Holgi> bmwiedemann: is this with /boot on several partition or on / ? Mar 29 19:41:21 <bmwiedemann> LWFinger: only the xpdf update(s) gave me a headache. Mar 29 19:41:40 <LWFinger> My impression comes from the Fora - things like drivers that panic the system, etc. Mar 29 19:41:40 <bmwiedemann> Holgi: this was with separate boot (mentioned in report) Mar 29 19:41:53 <Holgi> bmwiedemann: I did not read the report Mar 29 19:42:14 <Holgi> bmwiedemann: but we did similar testing in VMware with M3 Mar 29 19:42:38 <Holgi> bmwiedemann: which was successful as far as I know Mar 29 19:42:58 <bmwiedemann> Holgi: I know it was fixed for 11.3 - but the bug was on 11.2 Mar 29 19:43:16 <Holgi> bmwiedemann: ah sorry - mixed that up Mar 29 19:43:29 <badshah> bmwiedemann: stuff like this were broken by updates and thereafter there were several updates and I tested every one of them and posted a comment on the bug, but to no avail [ ] Mar 29 19:45:55 <bmwiedemann> hm. sometimes I get the feeling that some developers ignore bugzilla. or maybe the issues dont come to the right people? Mar 29 19:46:48 <badshah> bmwiedemann: perhaps thats true Mar 29 19:48:07 --> k0da (~k0da@opensuse/member/Eri-zaq) has joined #opensuse-testing Mar 29 19:48:28 <bmwiedemann> I'm currently install gnome-power-manager to test it (currently on icewm-gnome) Mar 29 19:48:29 <Holgi> badshah: in your case it is the right person - but he is from the community Mar 29 19:49:50 <badshah> Holgi: Ok, i just gave an example. Not holding anything against anybody :) Mar 29 19:50:53 <Holgi> badshah: I did not blame you for that ;-) Mar 29 19:51:29 <badshah> Holgi: ok Mar 29 19:51:50 <badshah> no more topics to discuss if we are done with this one Mar 29 19:52:32 <LWFinger> When is the "feature freeze" for 11.3? Mar 29 19:53:02 <k0da> M6? Mar 29 19:53:54 <badshah> LWFinger: I think I read somewhere it is M6, but I am not sure Mar 29 19:54:17 <k0da> Tue, 30 Mar 2010 14:00:00 GMT Mar 29 19:54:22 <k0da> Mar 29 19:55:30 <LWFinger> Thanks for the link. Mar 29 19:59:21 <bmwiedemann> badshah: on first try gnome-power-manager did show the icon but now it does not. and gnome-power-preferences failed to start with a missing symbol, but that might be

because I installed MS3 and just pulled those packages from MS4 repo now.

Mar 29 20:00:06 <Holgi> ok, looks we did it in one hour this time - next meeting is on April, 12th Mar 29 20:00:16 <Holgi> 17:00 UTC Mar 29 20:00:49 <badshah> bmwiedemann: try and see what devkit-power -i shows for ur battery and add a line to the bug if u can. thanks Mar 29 20:01:32 <LWFinger> Efficient meeting. Mar 29 20:02:27 <Holgi> bmwiedemann: anything else or do you want to close the meeting? Mar 29 20:02:49 <bmwiedemann> I dont have anything more Mar 29 20:05:07 <Holgi> bmwiedemann: good, then close it :-) Mar 29 20:05:34 <bmwiedemann> OK. status = CLOSED Mar 29 20:05:39 <Holgi> :-) Mar 29 20:05:52 <LWFinger> Bye. Mar 29 20:05:57 <Holgi> ok, thanks to everyone for attending and contributing Mar 29 20:06:01 <Holgi> bye Mar 29 20:06:06 <jradzuweit> n8