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openSUSE:Testing meeting 20100315

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  1. openSUSE 11.3 Feature Test Plan
  2. Own experience of openSUSE 11.3 M3


(18:57:50) k0da: Hi guys (18:57:57) bmwiedemann: hi. meeting is to start in 2 mins :) (18:58:26) k0da: yeah. (18:58:54) bmwiedemann: that is, if there are more than us two (18:59:55) k0da: 1 min (19:00:54) bmwiedemann: there is on list of topics "own experience of openSUSE 11.3 Milestone 3". I do have some on that. feeling there is still some way to go until RC (19:02:00) bmwiedemann: e.g. sax2 is broken so there is no easy way to create an xorg.conf (19:02:40) k0da: bmwiedemann, isnt' sax2 deprecated? (19:03:17) bmwiedemann: officially yes. but there are still plenty of cases where the auto-detected X11/hal doesnt work for me (and others) (19:05:48) bmwiedemann: oh and I am still finding issues in 11.2 such as (19:07:20) bmwiedemann: about X11. on 11.3-MS3 I always had US keyboard layout on my eeepc900 until I copied part of a xorg.conf from older machines. (19:07:27) k0da: Then i think bug report needed against auto-detect or device (19:07:30) bugbot: openSUSE bug 586954 in (3rd party software) "compcache ignores COMPCACHE_SIZE_KB" [Normal,New] (19:07:36) bugbot: openSUSE bug 551929 in openSUSE 11.2 (Basesystem) "kvm keyboard+mouse disabled in X11 after zypper dup due to hald-addon-input not running" [Major,Reopened] (19:08:35) bmwiedemann: of course. but it would be good to have an easy fallback until the auto-detect works well. (and there might still be cases where you want something that can not be detected) (19:10:15) bmwiedemann: bgerber, CzP, EGD, FunkyPenguin, javier_, [jmp], paka, Sleep_Walker: ping: want to participate in testing team meeting? (19:11:16) k0da: EGD, ! (19:11:27) EGD: k0da, ! (19:12:02) k0da: EGD, have you any experience with M3? (19:15:35) k0da: Any other experience? (19:15:38) ***EGD read just for fun (19:16:14) k0da: EGD, participation brings more fun 2u (19:16:17) bmwiedemann: can someone test Ctrl+Alt+Backspace on 11.3? (19:16:20) bugbot: openSUSE bug 576481 in openSUSE 11.3 (X.Org) "Even with DontZap off, Ctrl+Alt+Backspace doesn't kill the X server" [Normal,Resolved: worksforme] (19:16:45) bmwiedemann: still have it on my open list (19:17:37) EGD: GutenPrint any update? (19:18:14) bmwiedemann: dunno (19:20:57) k0da: bmwiedemann, concerning sax2: 11.3 is on just M3. I mean we should keep our eyes on this in future releases. HAL / sax2 removal is a big step which should have enough testing (19:21:40) bmwiedemann: absolutely. I suppose something is replacing HAL, so that thing needs to work well. (19:22:47) k0da: devkit? (19:23:31) bmwiedemann: ah. DeviceKit. yes. (19:24:25) k0da: any way for now you can use X -configure and continue to test other stuff. (19:25:11) bmwiedemann: yes. of course. (19:25:40) k0da: but this is not solution for end users (19:26:11) bmwiedemann: sometimes I find pretty obvious bugs with easy fixes. but wonder how to get those fixes to the right place. e.g. /etc/init.d/ntp had such a problem with the /proc mount in its chroot. (19:26:36) bmwiedemann: on 11.3-MS3 that was (19:27:53) Holgi [] has joined #opensuse-testing. (19:28:00) bmwiedemann: hi Holgi :) (19:28:03) Holgi: jo all (19:28:05) EGD: (19:28:32) k0da: bmwiedemann, if you have a patch then just create branch within OBS apply patch -> test it -> submit request (19:28:38) k0da: Holgi, Hi (19:29:13) Sleep_Walker: bmwiedemann: nope, just listener (19:30:23) bmwiedemann: k0da: is there a wiki page on that procedure? (19:30:48) k0da: bmwiedemann, yes. (19:31:13) k0da: bmwiedemann, (19:31:18) bmwiedemann: thanks :) (19:32:23) k0da: Something else about current topic? (19:33:16) bmwiedemann: I still have a note "WLAN sporadic high latency" on my buglist for MS3 but that is probably an issue with the specific driver/kernel. (19:34:08) bmwiedemann: and the netbook did not sleep when I closed the lid. maybe a problem from acpid . (19:35:29) bmwiedemann: so nothing really huge, but slightly annoying things that I'll watch. (19:35:53) Holgi: I had issues with my nvidia gfx-card - but this somehow usual ;-) (19:36:25) bmwiedemann: What worried me more was that I could not reproduce the "worksforme" of in any way on several systems. (19:36:29) bugbot: openSUSE bug 576481 in openSUSE 11.3 (X.Org) "Even with DontZap off, Ctrl+Alt+Backspace doesn't kill the X server" [Normal,Resolved: worksforme] (19:37:45) bmwiedemann: maybe it works in Factory/MS4? (19:39:20) Holgi: bug #586962 (19:39:23) bugbot: openSUSE bug 586962 in openSUSE 11.3 (X.Org) "Wrong Colors in YaST2 Stage 2 During Installation" [Major,Resolved: duplicate] (19:41:30) k0da: Which Milestone will be localized build? (19:41:36) bmwiedemann: so some way to go. will it be possible to update to MS4 using zypper dup? (19:42:36) bmwiedemann: k0da: for 11.2 it was MS8. so probably 11.3-MS7 (19:42:52) bmwiedemann: (19:42:55) bmwiedemann: or MS6 (19:43:37) k0da: bmwiedemann, thx (19:44:06) ***javier_ is here (19:44:55) bmwiedemann: javier_: do you have any 11.3 testing experience to share? (19:45:26) javier_: today I tried m3 on VirtualBox but all I got was a blackscreen (19:45:50) javier_: porbably a known bug, I haven't searched on bugzilla yet (19:46:51) bmwiedemann: javier_: I had success installing it on VirtualBox-3.1.4 and kvm (19:47:13) bmwiedemann: though I remember some KDE booting issues (19:47:53) javier_: I saw no cd activity (19:48:09) javier_: I have Virtualbox 3.06 (19:48:14) javier_: 3.0.6 (19:48:25) bmwiedemann: and hardware virt support? (19:49:43) bmwiedemann: javier_: enabling it and/or upgrading VirtualBox could help (19:50:19) bmwiedemann: shall we move on to our other topic then? "openSUSE 11.3 Feature Test Plan" (19:50:46) javier_: I have to check it (19:52:13) bmwiedemann: Holgi? (19:52:29) Holgi: yes sorry (19:52:49) Holgi: badsha requested to have the feature testplan for 11.3 M3 (19:52:52) Holgi: I created it (19:53:21) Holgi: and also started first tests (19:54:19) bmwiedemann: good. so we need to keep on adding tests to it from openFATE? (19:55:40) Holgi: right, for next milestone (19:55:51) Holgi: we have to add features to went to done in the meanwhile (19:56:47) Holgi: (19:56:56) bmwiedemann: > features that were marked 'done' (19:57:30) Holgi: ups, wrong (19:57:55) bmwiedemann: "You are not authorized to view plan 2395" (19:58:25) javier_: (secret plan: world domination ;) (19:58:30) Holgi: (20:00:38) bmwiedemann: that one works better. and hey, Linux already runs everywhere. I just read about a new coffee machine with embedded linux. (they did not mention if one has to vi .coffeerc to assign functions to buttons) (20:01:00) javier_: :) (20:01:34) javier_: have guys thought of having some kind of desktop testing plan? (20:01:56) javier_: *have you (20:01:57) bmwiedemann: probably would go under "Application Testing" (20:02:20) javier_: ok (20:02:57) ***k0da needs to go home. (20:03:08) bmwiedemann: as you can run most programs on both KDE and Gnome and LXDE and XFCE. When you subtract those programs, not much remains of "Desktop" - maybe panels and widgets (20:03:13) k0da: Happy testing (20:03:36) bmwiedemann: have a lot of fun, k0da. (20:03:47) javier_: yes, but the default configuration is important so that it just works (20:03:50) k0da: I will ;) (20:04:02) k0da has quit (quit: Quit: Leaving). (20:05:28) javier_: the above link driving my browser crazy (20:05:53) javier_: I cleaned the novell cookies but it's still a cyclical link (20:06:05) bmwiedemann: javier_: I agree that the default config should be sane, but often people disagree on some details. e.g. I like having xterm with beep and touchpad with tapping. (20:08:03) bmwiedemann: Holgi: is there an easy way to check which new features have already been added to Feature Test Plan? apart from looking it up by its ID/name? (20:08:24) Holgi: bmwiedemann: no, I have to check that manually (20:08:40) bmwiedemann: I am thinking to add a comment below a feature, linking the test-plan. (20:09:13) bmwiedemann: so that it will be obvious that no other test plan is needed. (20:09:55) bmwiedemann: we need to think in work-flows (20:10:10) Holgi: I doubt that there will be too much (20:10:50) Holgi: so far there are just 27 (20:11:37) bmwiedemann: but when there are 28 tomorrow. How do I know which one needs to be added? (20:12:20) bmwiedemann: could easily become a complexity of O(n²) (20:13:44) bmwiedemann: meaning for every new feature N, I might have to go through the list of N features to check. but probably still easy as lists are sorted and such. (20:16:46) bmwiedemann: so is it already a good idea to start testing those new features, so that developers have plenty time for fixing issues? (20:19:20) bmwiedemann: Holgi? (20:19:30) Holgi: sorry (20:19:56) Holgi: I'm not sure if I did understand correctly (20:20:17) Holgi: I'm adding new features to testplan for M4 or later (20:20:21) Holgi: and create new run (20:20:34) Holgi: so it should not be any work for you or any other tester (20:20:40) bmwiedemann: so is it good to do test-runs already? (20:21:00) bmwiedemann: probably yes. (20:21:11) Holgi: and I can decide if I add an old feature again to test run of M4 (20:21:32) Holgi: yes sure, all features are already tested with M3 (20:22:07) bmwiedemann: but some failed. e.g. RAID10 did not boot. (20:23:04) Holgi: right, and I can add them to testrun of M4 then (20:23:20) bmwiedemann: OK. (20:23:23) bmwiedemann: got to leave now. shall I send the log somewhere? (20:23:38) Holgi: (or anybody else since creating of test runs is possible for everybody) (20:23:57) Holgi: bmwiedemann: yes, please store in wiki or send them to me