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openSUSE:Testing meeting 20091216

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  1. Setting up test-cases for testing openSUSE 11.3
  2. openSUSE 11.3 Installation Test Plan
  3. Testing openSUSE 11.2 updates from 'update-test' repository


Dec 16 18:59:32 <MrKane> Hi all, Dec 16 18:59:41 <Vojtaeus> Good evening or morning .) Dec 16 18:59:51 <MrKane> Evening for me :-) Dec 16 19:02:38 <Holgi> any volunteer for moderation? Dec 16 19:03:07 --> bmwiedemann ( has joined #opensuse-testing Dec 16 19:04:43 <bmwiedemann> Hi there. is the meeting already running? Dec 16 19:05:00 <MrKane> If so, then it's quiet :-) Dec 16 19:05:07 <Holgi> bmwiedemann: no, we were waiting for the moderator :-) Dec 16 19:05:53 <bmwiedemann> oh. Welcome then to the meeting. We should have a look at the list of today's topics Dec 16 19:06:43 <Holgi> - Setting up test-cases for testing openSUSE 11.3 Dec 16 19:06:47 <Holgi> - openSUSE 11.3 Installation Test Plan Dec 16 19:06:58 <Holgi> - Testing openSUSE 11.2 updates when they appear in the update-test repository Dec 16 19:08:07 <Holgi> anything to add? Dec 16 19:08:46 <MrKane> Sounds ok. Any informastion on 11.3 buid availability? I guess we need complete buids for instalation tests? Dec 16 19:09:02 <bmwiedemann> good. so we start with "Setting up test-cases for testing openSUSE 11.3". Dec 16 19:09:28 <bmwiedemann> I will probably add installation plans for DVD, KDE, Gnome, net, and different RAID levels Dec 16 19:09:38 <Holgi> MrKane: milestone 1 on 2010-02-11 Dec 16 19:11:03 <MrKane> ok. Dec 16 19:11:46 <bmwiedemann> can non-testing-core-team-members do tests in testopia? Dec 16 19:12:09 <Holgi> bmwiedemann: just if we do allow it for them Dec 16 19:12:48 <Holgi> bmwiedemann: but we need to do that for everybody manually Dec 16 19:12:48 <bmwiedemann> I do think that we should share part of the work among more shoulders Dec 16 19:13:03 <bmwiedemann> Holgi: OK Dec 16 19:13:41 <Holgi> opening Testopia is still a topic within Novell Dec 16 19:13:47 <MrKane> Nice idea. Maybe we should have a failry clear test plan ready and also some good guidense (howtos) on how to record their results Dec 16 19:13:49 <Holgi> and there is some progress Dec 16 19:13:54 --> k0da (n=k0da@opensuse/member/Eri-zaq) has joined #opensuse-testing Dec 16 19:14:16 <Holgi> but I don't want to rely on getting that done for 11.3 Dec 16 19:15:53 <bmwiedemann> as so few team-members are in this meeting, we should raise the test-plan-creation topic on the opensuse-testing ML Dec 16 19:16:42 <Holgi> badshah? Dec 16 19:16:54 <badshah> yes Dec 16 19:17:00 <MrKane> Probably a good idea. People are getting ready for the hollidays? Dec 16 19:17:41 <bmwiedemann> some test-plans will of course created later, as features get implemented/DONE. Dec 16 19:17:42 <Holgi> we had ten poeple confirming this date Dec 16 19:17:46 <badshah> There should be the usual application and feature testing plans similar to 11.2 Dec 16 19:18:04 <bmwiedemann> err. I mean test-cases Dec 16 19:18:23 <badshah> then there is the usability test-plans also for 11.3 as we had discussed earlier Dec 16 19:19:31 <badshah> i think these three and the installation test plans are the test plans that we should have Dec 16 19:19:36 <Holgi> badshah: so you want me to copy them from 11.2? Dec 16 19:19:48 <badshah> as features are marked done we add them as test-cases Dec 16 19:20:03 <badshah> Holgi: yes, i think that would help Dec 16 19:20:21 <Holgi> badshah: ok Dec 16 19:20:44 <bmwiedemann> Holgi: rationale is things should keep working, so that openSUSE gets better and better :) Dec 16 19:21:14 <badshah> to summarise: copy test plans already there for 11.2 to 11.3, add the usability testing, and installation test plans Dec 16 19:21:37 <Holgi> badshah: installation testplan is already there Dec 16 19:21:47 <MrKane> Holgi: what is the thinking internally in the Novell opennSUSE team about the core testing effort? Dec 16 19:21:57 <badshah> that then covers everything as test plans Dec 16 19:22:01 <MrKane> For me it has been a bit slow. (New job etc....) Dec 16 19:22:24 <Holgi> MrKane: in regard to what? Dec 16 19:23:06 <MrKane> Are you happy with the progress? Do we contribute in a meaningfull fasion? Do we add product value :-) Dec 16 19:23:34 <Holgi> MrKane: since this is a new team, I'm fine with current progress Dec 16 19:23:44 <Holgi> MrKane: but would like to see more in future Dec 16 19:24:07 <MrKane> Good. We need som expectations. Dec 16 19:24:30 <bmwiedemann> I'm also not quite satisfied either. Dec 16 19:24:44 <badshah> Holgi: I see that the installation test plan already exists for 11.3, we should add the other three Dec 16 19:24:48 <Holgi> ok, any ideas how to do better? Dec 16 19:25:11 <Holgi> badshah: _I will Dec 16 19:25:18 <badshah> Holgi: thanks Dec 16 19:25:42 <MrKane> Regarding 11.3 , I will try to keep focus on instalation testing and HW compatibility. For that to be thorough we need a broad range of HW. Dec 16 19:25:57 <MrKane> To have a broad range of HW... we need a lot of testers :-) Dec 16 19:27:00 <bmwiedemann> MrKane: a dedicated test-lab could do that, too. otherwise you end up testing mainstream hardware multiple times, while omitting rare devices. Dec 16 19:27:09 <Holgi> or at least a lot of hardware Dec 16 19:27:14 <MrKane> It would be a great benefit to have some sort of tool support for recording HW tests that could be made public and the results sent to the team. We could then ad it to the testopia and get an overview. Dec 16 19:27:52 <bmwiedemann> MrKane: Dec 16 19:27:52 <MrKane> bmwiedemann: opensourcers have a lot of old Hw..... Dec 16 19:28:25 <bmwiedemann> MrKane: right. I do have an old scanner and an old HP Deskjet 710c over parallel-to-IP over remote cups Dec 16 19:28:38 <MrKane> Yea I know , but SMOLT only record the HW config. Not the results of what worked and what failed in a HW configuration. Dec 16 19:28:48 <bmwiedemann> smolt can do that. Dec 16 19:29:16 <MrKane> Really? How can we then make use of that ibn the testing? Dec 16 19:29:17 <bmwiedemann> e.g. see the green check icons on my laptops page: Dec 16 19:29:34 <Vojtaeus> Smolt only tels you HW list, but it would be nice to have some record of your actions (what user did), like y2logs, but more... Dec 16 19:30:31 <MrKane> Smolt reports lots of (?) .... Thats not good. Dec 16 19:30:49 <bmwiedemann> MrKane: when you upload to smolts you get a password with which you can update it. default is all (?) Dec 16 19:30:51 <MrKane> We need a human to say. This HW should work, but failed. Dec 16 19:31:14 <bmwiedemann> MrKane: can be done there. see third icon on top-right Dec 16 19:31:22 <Vojtaeus> Editing SMOLT is not very user-friendly... Dec 16 19:32:12 <bmwiedemann> Vojtaeus: maybe we could provide an alternate user-interface to it? Dec 16 19:32:28 <bmwiedemann> ...later Dec 16 19:32:40 <Vojtaeus> <bmwiedemann> Well, that is question for developper... Dec 16 19:32:59 <Holgi> are we done with topic 1? Dec 16 19:33:08 <Holgi> or is this still part of it? Dec 16 19:33:28 <MrKane> bmwiedemann: ? I don't get it. How can I see the performance of 11.2 here? Which HW failed and which worked? Dec 16 19:33:46 <MrKane> Holgi: part of it from my perspective Dec 16 19:33:53 <Holgi> MrKane: ok Dec 16 19:34:37 <bmwiedemann> MrKane: that report was for old installation of 10.3. green checks are for things that worked out-of-the-box. (!) is for things that needed extra work/config Dec 16 19:35:12 <bmwiedemann> and it would probably be possible to have an extra page for 11.2 there. Dec 16 19:36:07 <Vojtaeus> <bmwiedemann> Is it posssible to have in SMOLT under one HW (for example my laptop) subpages for each distro to see progress? Dec 16 19:36:07 <MrKane> bmwiedemann: I went past that report. Noticed it was old. And tried to get some sensible information of stats from 11.1. And I that is when it stops for me. Dec 16 19:36:56 <bmwiedemann> Vojtaeus: there is a page for all reports about one HW: PRO V2030 20 Dec 16 19:37:23 <Vojtaeus> OK, I see Dec 16 19:37:26 <bmwiedemann> back-linked with every single report on it Dec 16 19:37:55 <bmwiedemann> I do not think there is a notion of "users" there. Dec 16 19:38:36 <-- Sleep_Walker has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) Dec 16 19:39:20 <badshah> I think we should move on to the next topic here Dec 16 19:39:30 <bmwiedemann> so we can - but do not need to use smolt for organized test reports. Dec 16 19:39:33 <bmwiedemann> OK. Dec 16 19:39:40 <bmwiedemann> "openSUSE 11.3 Installation Test Plan" Dec 16 19:39:46 <MrKane> Yes, I need to see more of the SMOLT capabilities before commenting more on that. Dec 16 19:40:26 <-- Vojtaeus has quit (Remote closed the connection) Dec 16 19:40:39 <bmwiedemann> whose topic was that? Dec 16 19:40:43 <Holgi> mine Dec 16 19:41:01 <badshah> bmwiedemann: that would include the obvious test-cases: live-cd's of both flavours, dvd install, net install, upgrading to 11.3 from 11.2 by zypper dup Dec 16 19:41:05 <bmwiedemann> so can you elaborate? Dec 16 19:41:11 <MrKane> Holgi: what do you whant to adress there? Dec 16 19:41:23 <bmwiedemann> badshah: it already does Dec 16 19:41:24 <Holgi> ok, I already said - the installation testplan is already created Dec 16 19:41:50 <Holgi> there are 8 testcases in it so far Dec 16 19:41:58 <Holgi> but they are very high level like: Dec 16 19:42:14 <Holgi> "install from DVD" Dec 16 19:42:30 <bmwiedemann> badshah: except the zypper dup. will add it later. I also wanted RAID 0,1,5,6,10 tests there Dec 16 19:42:32 <Holgi> "install from KDE-LiveCD" Dec 16 19:42:34 <Holgi> ... Dec 16 19:43:12 <Holgi> my idea was: maybe we can take the installation testplan as an exercise how create good test plans Dec 16 19:43:26 <Holgi> and create a number of detailed test cases Dec 16 19:43:35 <Holgi> where during the beta period Dec 16 19:43:47 <Holgi> everybody can create his own test run for every build Dec 16 19:44:06 <Holgi> and mark things as passed/failed after he tested it Dec 16 19:44:11 <MrKane> Well my 4 tests are kind of specific :-). but I agree with you. Let's expand and make deeper tests. Dec 16 19:44:21 <Holgi> with more detailed I mean: Dec 16 19:44:59 <Holgi> e.g. testcases for bootloader configuration, partitioner, network setup, ... Dec 16 19:45:26 <Holgi> (I'm done) ;-) Dec 16 19:46:29 <MrKane> My example of a TC: Dec 16 19:46:53 <bmwiedemann> ah. so the tests cover certain parts of the installation/configuration Dec 16 19:46:59 <MrKane> Yes! Dec 16 19:47:37 <-- badshah has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)) Dec 16 19:47:39 <bmwiedemann> and most parts are common to the different installation methods (but some are not - e.g. sshd/firewall could not be configured with KDE-liveCD) Dec 16 19:48:10 <Holgi> bmwiedemann: yes, certain parts of installation Dec 16 19:48:47 <MrKane> and make shure that all HW is working during and after instalation. Dec 16 19:48:49 <Holgi> MrKane: right, yours is more detailed Dec 16 19:49:05 <bmwiedemann> MrKane: "all HW" is rather unspecific Dec 16 19:49:35 <Holgi> MrKane: but I'm not sure everybody knows how to set op a tftp, dhcpd server and how to start pxeboot install .... Dec 16 19:49:42 <MrKane> I'm just now trying to help a user that cant even get the install to start on 11.2 because the USB keyboard won't work with 11.2 Dec 16 19:49:54 <Holgi> MrKane: sure Dec 16 19:50:30 <MrKane> Holgi: Of course not. They would then use their install method. DVD, USB etc. And we have cases for that. Dec 16 19:51:04 <Holgi> MrKane: ok Dec 16 19:51:19 <bmwiedemann> Holgi: we could provide a VM-image that has all that properly set up Dec 16 19:51:41 <MrKane> bmwiedemann: Yes. That is why wee need cases like : test scanner xxxx after install, test with RAID1 during install, test with USB key etc. Dec 16 19:52:10 <Holgi> bmwiedemann: good idea Dec 16 19:52:56 <Holgi> what do you think - would it make sense to spend efforts in creating such a detailed installation plan? Dec 16 19:54:03 <MrKane> Holgi: Yes I think so. Then testers pick TC's from it that matches their HW setup. (But the general TC's are needed for those that are not interested in being thorough) Dec 16 19:54:59 <Holgi> MrKane: good Dec 16 19:55:25 <MrKane> This will lead to a number of test runs though. One for each setup. Dec 16 19:55:33 <Holgi> any more thoughts? Dec 16 19:55:39 <bmwiedemann> it is also good to have more than the former "feature works as expected" on the Expected part - otherwise testers could miss bugs Dec 16 19:55:52 <Holgi> MrKane: right, but I don't see a problem by that Dec 16 19:56:02 <MrKane> holgi: good. Dec 16 19:56:41 <MrKane> bmwiedemann: I agree. And this is the real hard part about being a good tester. Writing sensible detailed tests. Dec 16 19:57:31 <bmwiedemann> sometimes the environment does play a role. e.g. I had system-config-printer crash on a KDE-install, but not on a Gnome-install. (still not fixed ) Dec 16 19:58:27 <MrKane> Yes that will happen a lot. And all testers will not test all configurations. It's important to try to specify what you believe can be important aspects of a test. Dec 16 19:59:03 <bmwiedemann> but luckily most things are independent. e.g. your scanner will work independent from your RAID level. Dec 16 19:59:32 <MrKane> holgi: is it possible to get some acceptance in the Novell organization for features that will help in testing the product? Dec 16 20:00:21 <Holgi> MrKane: can you explain what you mean by that? Dec 16 20:01:17 <bmwiedemann> At work we have JTAG/boundary scan logic added to our boards/chips to help hardware-testing and it is worth a real lot. Dec 16 20:01:25 <MrKane> I have wanted some improvements in Yast to make it easy to have a boot environment for instance. It would ease the pain for others that would like to use that to test alot. Dec 16 20:01:54 <MrKane> Another thing would be to consider if we can use the Phoronix test environment in some kind of cooperation with them. Dec 16 20:01:59 <Holgi> bmwiedemann: is that a firefox bug? Dec 16 20:02:29 <Holgi> MrKane: and you did submit feature requests for that? Dec 16 20:02:30 <bmwiedemann> Holgi: bug 555569? no. Dec 16 20:02:51 <Holgi> bmwiedemann: where does it appear then? Dec 16 20:03:01 <MrKane> Holgi: The first , yes, the second no. Dec 16 20:03:13 <bmwiedemann> Holgi: GTK2_RC_FILES= system-config-printer Dec 16 20:03:53 <bmwiedemann> with a remote-printer configured (aka "print all through other cups server") Dec 16 20:04:06 <Holgi> MrKane: ok - my recommendation is: create one for the others Dec 16 20:04:32 <Holgi> MrKane: and find people who vote for your feature request Dec 16 20:04:33 <MrKane> The Phoronix part needs someone that can use a few hours to evaluate and if interesting, contact Phoronix to get a coop going. Maybe not a openFATE task? Dec 16 20:05:11 <Holgi> MrKane: that's the best way to get it implemented Dec 16 20:05:39 <Holgi> MrKane: there is not "Novell way" of getting features in that I'm aware of Dec 16 20:05:59 <Holgi> MrKane: but I'm not to much involved into that Dec 16 20:06:42 <Holgi> MrKane: can you send me a mail about that - so I can check what's to do there? Dec 16 20:07:23 <MrKane> Then please vote for: Dec 16 20:07:51 <MrKane> Holgi: I'l do that. Dec 16 20:08:13 <Holgi> MrKane: good Dec 16 20:09:03 <bmwiedemann> 307912 sounds more like a bug-report. Dec 16 20:09:32 <MrKane> Holgi: or for the mail? Dec 16 20:10:09 <MrKane> bmwiedemann: I was asked to add it by the Yast developer..... It is a bug. Dec 16 20:10:14 <Holgi> MrKane: does not matter Dec 16 20:12:09 <bmwiedemann> btw: there is also my which would help with testing zypper dup Dec 16 20:13:50 <Holgi> looks like this is a meeting with just 3 participants right now Dec 16 20:14:21 <MrKane> bmwiedemann: you got my vote :-) Dec 16 20:14:35 <bmwiedemann> Holgi: yes, since Vojtaeus left 19:41 Dec 16 20:14:37 <MrKane> Holgi: yes. But is not that enough :-) Dec 16 20:15:10 <Holgi> ... and badshah Dec 16 20:15:28 <MrKane> If you have time we can consider makeing some test cases in Testopia? Dec 16 20:15:39 <Holgi> ok, so please contribute to installation testplan as discussed Dec 16 20:16:13 <MrKane> Ok. Dec 16 20:16:18 <Holgi> do we want to talk about 3rd topic as well since badshah is not here any longer? Dec 16 20:16:25 <Holgi> MrKane: you mean now? Dec 16 20:16:51 <MrKane> Holgi: Why wait? Dec 16 20:17:13 <MrKane> I have run 3 TC's while beeing in the meeting. Dec 16 20:17:37 <Holgi> MrKane: you are able to multi-task? Dec 16 20:17:40 <bmwiedemann> Holgi: immediate feedback can sometimes be helpful Dec 16 20:17:46 <Holgi> MrKane: I'm male :-) Dec 16 20:17:59 <Holgi> bmwiedemann: I see Dec 16 20:18:10 <MrKane> Holgi: :-D Dec 16 20:19:04 <bmwiedemann> MrKane: I have removed some typos from Dec 16 20:19:21 <bmwiedemann> err Dec 16 20:19:56 <bmwiedemann> but concerning the last topic "Testing openSUSE 11.2 updates when they appear in the update-test repository" Dec 16 20:20:04 <bmwiedemann> where is that update-test repo? Dec 16 20:20:36 <Holgi> bmwiedemann: to be honest: I don't know about it Dec 16 20:21:48 <MrKane> bmwiedemann: thx! Always apreciated. I'm partly word blind. Dec 16 20:22:07 <Holgi> MrKane: maybe you should send a mail regarding voting for your features to opensuse-testing Dec 16 20:22:30 <MrKane> Holgi: I'l try again :-) Dec 16 20:22:42 <MrKane> It's maybe a rather specific detailed requirement. Dec 16 20:23:00 <Holgi> MrKane: I know Dec 16 20:23:43 <MrKane> tada! my first testrun completed. Dec 16 20:24:20 <MrKane> Thanks for your vots though! Dec 16 20:24:43 <bmwiedemann> I'll add RAID test-cases. one for every RAID-level? Dec 16 20:24:46 <Holgi> MrKane: is it ? Dec 16 20:25:56 <MrKane> yes it is. I have run it, and the standar edition is heavy to download each time. Dec 16 20:26:03 <Holgi> bmwiedemann: but you need to explain what you need for the different levels then Dec 16 20:26:04 <MrKane> But the concept seemed good. Dec 16 20:26:42 <bmwiedemann> OK. like "RAID6 needs at least 4 (virtual) disks" Dec 16 20:26:45 <bmwiedemann> ? Dec 16 20:26:57 <MrKane> bmwiedemann: Yes. And know what you want to achieve with the test in an installation test. It's not 10 hour database write/read. ok? Dec 16 20:27:15 <Holgi> MrKane: I will look into it Dec 16 20:27:27 <MrKane> thx. Dec 16 20:27:43 <bmwiedemann> MrKane: it is more to find issues like Dec 16 20:27:49 <Holgi> so we postpone 3rd topic to next meeting, ok? Dec 16 20:27:59 <bmwiedemann> OK Dec 16 20:28:02 <MrKane> Holgi: ok Dec 16 20:28:10 <bmwiedemann> and when will next meeting be? Dec 16 20:28:20 <Holgi> I think not before January Dec 16 20:28:36 <Holgi> but we can use the chrustmas time for working on testcases Dec 16 20:28:42 <Holgi> christmas... Dec 16 20:28:44 <bmwiedemann> without Milestone1 there is only 11.2 to test Dec 16 20:28:48 <MrKane> Agreed. but keep the mailing list warm so we do not forget you :-) Dec 16 20:28:55 <Holgi> ;-) Dec 16 20:29:27 <MrKane> I will be testing a Nokia N900 and a new iMac this christmast. Dec 16 20:29:44 <MrKane> (just to get you envious :-) ) Dec 16 20:29:59 <Holgi> MrKane: congrats Dec 16 20:30:49 <MrKane> thx. It's for the family thoug so I will have to share it with my wife and 3 kids. Dec 16 20:31:23 <bmwiedemann> what CPU does the N900 have? atom? Dec 16 20:31:58 <MrKane> It's an ARM derivative. 600 Mhz and it has an PowerVR SGX GPU. Dec 16 20:32:52 <MrKane> A small question. Is there a way that I can allow ordinary users access to run updates and add/remove SW? Or must they have rot pwd? Dec 16 20:33:37 <bmwiedemann> I think, there is some way with policy-kit. just google the Fedora-12 hot discussion on that topic Dec 16 20:33:55 <MrKane> ok. Dec 16 20:38:31 <bmwiedemann> Holgi: should I split the last line into a separate test? Dec 16 20:39:07 <MrKane> Holgi: Can you update Testopia with parameters for "Default build" = final or soething? Or is GM the Final? Dec 16 20:39:28 <Holgi> bmwiedemann: yes - probably better Dec 16 20:39:39 <bmwiedemann> MrKane: GM = Gold Master = final Dec 16 20:39:46 <Holgi> bmwiedemann: and maybe give tester an idea how to remove one Dec 16 20:40:08 <Holgi> MrKane: bmwiedemann is right Dec 16 20:41:16 <MrKane> Holgi: on the policy kit stuff? Dec 16 20:41:38 <Holgi> MrKane: no, on GM = Gold Master = Final Dec 16 20:42:19 <Holgi> MrKane: about policy kit - I'm not sure Dec 16 20:42:33 <Holgi> MrKane: maybe you can store root-password for them there once? Dec 16 20:42:41 <MrKane> bmwiedemann: I would definately have multiple test. One for fault fre, one for disk one out, one for disk two out (grub resides on one...), one for degraded array 1 one for the other disk as degraded. Dec 16 20:43:18 <MrKane> Holgi: I don't get an option to store the root passwd. It seems to only be valid for a session. Dec 16 20:43:43 <bmwiedemann> MrKane: you can always use sudo with NOPASSWD option Dec 16 20:43:44 <Holgi> MrKane: my problem is: I don't use kde or gnome on my workstation Dec 16 20:43:56 <MrKane> ok, thx :-) Dec 16 20:44:01 <Holgi> MrKane: so I'm not too much involved into that Dec 16 20:45:07 <bmwiedemann> e.g. run visudo and add a line Dec 16 20:45:07 <bmwiedemann> YOURUSERNAME ALL=NOPASSWD:/usr/bin/zypper Dec 16 20:45:42 <MrKane> bmwiedemann: Yes! thx , that's gotta work! Dec 16 20:47:45 <bmwiedemann> Holgi: I'm still not confident about splitting, as the RAID part is a pre-condition on the disk-fail-testing. Dec 16 20:48:17 <Holgi> bmwiedemann: maybe just add in 2nd test case: set up like described in test case #123456 Dec 16 20:52:02 <MrKane> bmwiedemann: normally this would be handled by having one TC depend on a previous test case. It's the order of execution. Dec 16 20:53:24 <bmwiedemann> will this not clutter up the test-plan? do we do it to have finer granularity for bugs and/or pass/fail bits? Dec 16 20:53:25 <bmwiedemann> ah. there is a "Dependencies" tab :) Dec 16 20:54:23 <MrKane> bmwiedemann: looking for what Testopia can deliver her ........ Dec 16 20:55:44 <MrKane> bmwiedemann: There is a dependencies tab :-) Dec 16 20:58:15 <bmwiedemann> now I have depending on the other. Dec 16 20:58:22 <MrKane> It seems that you just add the ID of the TC you depend upon. Dec 16 20:58:29 <bmwiedemann> yep Dec 16 21:00:18 <MrKane> The TC that it dependsupon automagically get this in it's "blockes" list. Dec 16 21:00:59 <bmwiedemann> that was only to be expected Dec 16 21:01:09 <MrKane> yup, but nice anyway. Dec 16 21:02:55 <bmwiedemann> Holgi: I think, meeting can then be declared finished. Dec 16 21:03:02 <Holgi> bmwiedemann: right Dec 16 21:03:05 <bmwiedemann> a new meeting date needs to be established Dec 16 21:03:20 <Holgi> bmwiedemann: I will start another doodle Dec 16 21:03:24 <bmwiedemann> OK Dec 16 21:03:25 <MrKane> We can do that on the mailing list after the 24th.? Dec 16 21:03:57 <bmwiedemann> who will put the meeting log to the wiki? Dec 16 21:04:34 <Holgi> MrKane: because of your presents? ;-) Dec 16 21:05:05 <MrKane> :-) yes Dec 16 21:05:21 <Holgi> MrKane: ok, you can do that as well Dec 16 21:06:30 <Holgi> ok, I' leaving Dec 16 21:06:46 <Holgi> have a good night Dec 16 21:07:04 <Holgi> since all of us are from europe Dec 16 21:07:10 <Holgi> I guess that's ok Dec 16 21:07:17 <MrKane> bmwiedemann: I would avoid usint "test" RAID10 disk-fail. It is a test plan so "test" is in it alredy. Maybe soething like "remove one disk and check that the system still boots" Dec 16 21:07:23 <MrKane> Holgi: good night. Dec 16 21:07:39 <bmwiedemann> OK. gn