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openSUSE:SoutheastLinuxFest 2012

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SELF-logo 2012.png

The openSUSE Project will be at Southeast Linux Fest to provide a booth and give talks.

  • When - 8-10 June, 2012
  • Where - Charlotte, NC
  • Website - ILF Site

Proposed Presentations - Deadline 3-April-2012 edit

  • openSUSE: It's not just a distro!
  • Others?

Each presentation will have co-presenters.

Venue Informtion edit

  • SELF expects approximately 800+ attendees
  • Booth reservations being secured by Bryen Yunashko
  • Booth Sponsorship = We will be Silver Sponsor
    • Both SUSE and openSUSE will have Logo and web page respectively on SELF website
  • ToDo
    • Process Invoice
    • Send SUSE + openSUSE logo for website
    • Send SUSE + openSUSE text for website
    • Design 1/4 page ad for Program Guide
      • To be designed by SUSE
      • Combines both SUSECon and openSUSE Summit info

Booth Setup edit

  • Standard 8 foot table against wall.
    • Electricity and network drop included
  • 400 PromoDVDs need to be requested by Kurt Burst
  • Booth Banners/Stands to be provided by Bryen Yunashko
  • Round and Laptop stickers to be provided by Bryen Yunashko
  • Two laptops for live GNOME/KDE Demonstrations
    • One brought by Bryen Yunashko
    • Second one needed!
    • Do we want monitors for larger viewing?
  • One 15" Digital Photo Frame for Booth Slideshow (Maybe)
  • Posters and flyers promoting openSUSE Summit to be distributed around venue
  • Additional marketing materials subject to availability

Event Report

Southeast Linux Fest (SELF) had a great turnout, although significantly lower than expected. We gave out a total of 222 DVDs, which included some distributed by the KDE booth. Drew Adams did a stellar job talking to people promoting openSUSE and the upcoming openSUSE Summit. Kurt Brust, from SUSE, joined us and helped out in the mornings, while Bryen Yunashko and Drew mainly worked the afternoons.

We were a Silver Sponsor for the conference. And we distributed as many openSUSE Summit and SUSECon materials as possible. In addition, we gave out some brochures for SUSE products. We had the usual openSUSE booth design with the large banner in the background and small Summit banner in the front. Bryen clipped a Geeko and Mickey Mouse plushie on top of the Summit banner, because as he told people "Go to Summit! it's your chance to see Geeko and Mickey in the same town!"

There were lots of vendors at the exhibit hall and during the light times, we frequently conversed with each other, swapping war stories and whatnot. One observation, many people came for the giveaways stopping at booths to pick up some cool toy and move on.

We did not give any presentations as our proposals were rejected.  :-(

As it turns out, (we didn't know this before), SELF is a roving conference that moves from one city to the next in the Southeast. Thus it is hard to predict an accurate number of people who would show up each year.