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openSUSE @ SCaLE 11x (2013)

 The openSUSE Project is planning to attend SCALE 11x 2013


This page is part of the Ambassador Events. On the link you can find more events where openSUSE is, will be or has been present.

General Information

 Event website
 * Location: Los Angelos
 * Date: Feb 22-24 2013
   ** Booth Setup:
   ** End:
 * Opening Times:
 * How many attendees does the event have? 5K+
 * Who is organizing this event? SCALE team
 * What are the target visitors for this event? students/IT professionals/FOSS contributors/FOSS users/newbies - wide audience.
 * Registration required? here
 * Who is organizing this event from openSUSE? Drew Adams
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What will be there

The call for papers

  • openSUSE talks:
    • talk 1, name, topic
    • talk 2, name, topic
  • openSUSE workshop(s)
    • ws 1, name, topic
    • ws 2, name, topic
  • openSUSE BoF(s)
    • BoF 1, name, topic
    • BoF 2, name, topic


Of course, events need to be promoted! Social media:

  • See our social media contacts page to get the official openSUSE channels to promote your event
  • what's the hashtag of the event? Tweet that #openSUSE is coming!
  • what is the facebook event page?
    • openSUSE facebook event page, if relevant? Do some openSUSE posts!
  • mail to project, marketing and ambassador mailing lists done?
  • blogs: blog 1 blog 2 blog 3

Attendees, presence and travel info

 Who will attend from/for openSUSE?
 Please fill in your name if you're going. And arrival & departure date & time so maybe you can share a train or cab, and we might organize a hotel together. In case you need travel support (see * below) fill in your estimated travel costs.
reimbursement needs*
Helps at booth
Gives a talk (about)
User:Geeko openSUSE LAND Friday 9:00 Monday 8:00 Hotel USD 200 I am green! Of course I help at booth! Will talk about OBS
User:Druonysus Los Angeles Friday Sunday at my apartment down the street from the event 0 I am green! I will be there!
  • Add this if you need reimbursement for your travel and/or hotel costs. It is best to coordinate together to request travel support, for more information see the Travel Support Program page.


Some material is needed for the booth setup. Please add things you are able to provide:

How much?
laptop with 15" screen User:Geeko 1 I can booth with openSUSE stick!

Please add the things which you may require from the international team. Be sure to share this with the -marketing list!

The international team can (depending on how much time there is and where you are) send you booth kits. These contain at least 100 openSUSE DVD's per box and depending on availability also:

  • 50 laptop stickers
  • 100 flyers
  • 3 posters
  • some pluche geeko's and/or other small goodies
  • green table cloth
  • bootable openSUSE USB stick with marketing materials and ready-to-go demo setup

On average, you need 1 kit per ~400 visitors (???).

# booth kits
# t-shirts
# other things?
2 15 beer!

After the Event

Try to answer the questions below and get us the answers to help us improve our support for you!

Talking points

  • Were you aware of [1]?
  • and if so, is there anything to improve? If not, how can we ensure people DO know about these?


The posters have three goals:

  1. get people intrigued
  2. draw them to our booth to ask questions
  3. give something to our ambassadors to talk about to booth visitors
  • note that ambassadors are often not as knowledgeable as we are about openSUSE and need this


  • did you see people read the posters?
  • did they lead to questions, did ppl come to the booth?
  • did/can the booth people use the poster texts as 'talking points'?
  • anything else?


The flyers have three goals:

  1. give people something they can take home to study and find links to further information (we used to have people photograph the posters, that is why the flyers have the same information on them!)
  2. get people intrigued and get them to ask questions
  3. give something to our ambassadors to talk about to booth visitors
  • note that ambassadors are often not as knowledgeable as we are about openSUSE and need this


  • did people take the flyers, read them?
  • did they lead to questions?
  • did/can the booth people use the flyers as 'talking points'?
  • anything else?

More stuff

  • We also have DVD's, stickers and pluche geeko's and t-shirts. We know the pluche geeko's are popular. How about the DVD's, T-shirts, stickers and other things? Do you think they're worth the effort? Can we improve? What do others do?

SCALE2013 // Here comes your Event Name edit

  • Event Date
  • About the event
    • What kind of people come to the event? Business people, students, developers?
    • How technical is the event? Are there talks about kernel development and hacking, or is it more about using Linux?
    • How much is it about 'open source'? Do most people know what Free and Open Source is, or is this a more general event?
  • Attendance Details
    • Tell us about the event, what did you do and how did it go?
    • Did you have a booth and how did that work?
  • did we meet noteworthy people?
    • from the community, other projects, SUSE or other companies or the government
      • follow-up needed? Contact the marketing team or others who might help!
  • What can we improve for the future...
    • Would you go again?
    • What more can you do to make it better?
  • Other Comments, like:
  • The booth/team operating well?
  • Any interesting topic you heard:
  • Any feedback from outside:

Common Questions Asked edit

  • Question 1
  • Question 2
  • and so on...

SCALE2013 About the presentations edit

Presentation materials go here

  • What talks did openSUSE give
    • name, topic,
      • was it well attended?
      • link to slides
      • link to video
  • did we do a BoF
    • topic, attendees, results
  • did we do a workshop?
    • number of attendees

Recordings of the event edit

[more recordings] or links