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Event Preps

openSUSE @ SCALE Event

The openSUSE Project is planning a community booth and several talks at SCALE

General Information

About SCALE see the scale site
  • Do we have a booth?
  • Who is organizing this event?
  • Will there be any openSUSE related talks?

More Info

Who will attend? Please fill in your name if you're going. And arrival & departure date & time so maybe you can share a train or cab, and we might organize a hotel together. In case you need travel support (see * below) fill in your travel costs.

travel cost*
User:jospoortvliet Brazil 20-2-2011 28-2-2011 Travellodge LAX - miaaauw!
User:Geeko Brazil 1-1-2222 1-1-2223 Travellodge LAX - squeek!
User:Terrorpup Atlanta, GA 20-2-2011 28-2-2011 Travellodge LAX - Woof!
User:CarlosAlbertoNovell Sao Paulo, Brazil 20-2-2011 28-2-2011 Travellodge LAX - CarlosRibeiro


Some material is needed for the booth setup. Please add things you are able to provide:

How much?
User:Geeko openSUSEland Event At the last

Please add the things which you may require from the international team. Be sure to share this with the -marketing list!

How much?
User:Geeko openSUSEland Event At the last

After the Event

SCALE2011 // Here comes your Event Name edit

  • Event Date
  • Event Sponsors
  • openSUSE Ambassadors
  • Helpers
  • Event Details
    • Tell us about the event, What did you do?
    • How many DVDs taken and distributed?
    • How many people were there at the event
    • How did you promote the Event?
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • Others
    • Any Interesting Story you will like to share with us?
    • Did you have a booth?
    • Who staffed the booth?
    • Would you go again?
    • What more can you do to make it better?
    • Other Comments like Will you blog about the event - and where? Who staffed the booth? Did you have a talk? Which topic? Would you organize again?

Common Questions Asked edit

  • Question 1
  • Question 2
  • and so on...

SCALE2011 Resources edit

Upload your presentations here

  • Presentation
  • Recorded Talk
  • External Links