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Frequently Asked Questions

The list below gives answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you need help or more information you can contact us via email or on irc #opensuse-project on freenode.

General Questions

openFATE? Why not just use Bugzilla?

New features should be entered in openFATE rather than as 'enhancement' in bugzilla. openFATE can handle multiple products and roles, and is designed for the needs of feature tracking.

Can I enter new feature requests?

Yes, if you have got an openSUSE account.

Will I receive a notification on feature changes?

All feature changes get broadcasted to the mailinglist (subscribe, Archive).

To get individual notifications of feature changes, please add yourself as 'interested' to the feature and configure your notifications on hermes.

In what timezone are the displayed timestamps?

All displayed times are German local time (CET/CEST).

Ooops, I found a Bug!

Please report bugs in the Novell Bugzilla.

Using openFATE

I made a change to a feature, but it apparently got lost. What happened?

In order to reduce the load on the server and the flood of mails to the actors of a feature, features are not saved immediately after every single change, but only after you pressed the "Save feature" button, which appears on the top of edited features. Always make sure to save the feature, when you are done with editing. On the right side there is a box that displays your unsaved features.

What are "My Features"?

"My Features" shows you all features that have you listed as an "requester", "interested person" or "developer". If you want more features on that list open the according feature and click the "Watch this feature" link in the edit box on the upper right.