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openSUSE:Marketing meeting:2020-06-23

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Marketing meeting 2020-06-23

openSUSE Leap 15.2 Marketing brainstorm

Meeting location

Virtual session at:


Tuesday, June 23 18:00 UTC

Media launch plan for the last release

Maybe do a release party online - - (15:00 UTC)

Current tasks and subtasks

Any changes to tasks or their content can be requested here

Subtask of Release announcement

  • #61446: send press kit
  • #61467: translate release announcement
  • #61563: send announcement to opensuse-announce

Maybe do a release party online - (Perhaps list a few different platforms like Mozilla hubs, etc. so that people and move to different areas and chat with different people. If people want to host a place to hangout in their own language, that would also be good for people who might not feel comfortable speaking english) (11:00 UTC) or use


Share a photo or screenshot of how you are celebrating the release with the slogan "#openSUSE is for everyone" and publish it on social media. Write news.o.o. about this. Also send out on telegram to encourage people to do it.

Make a video about "how I use openSUSE" or "why I use openSUSE" and send to, so the videos can be edited and shared online. 5 to 30 seconds are ideal. However, it people want to do examples, that can also be shared.

Create some social media posts on which can be added and translated on

Participate in a social media posting party