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openSUSE:Launch party coordinates

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This page is used to store the map data for the Launch parties map, see that page for more information.

To add your coordinates to this page, add a following line:

Read more on obtaining coordinates.


  • do not use spaces before or after your coordinates
  • do not use <br> for adresses in <Description>
  • do not use the "<" and ">" stated in the template use.

Launch Party Coordinates:

52.5298803, 13.3626312~Berlin,Germany~/42.2 opensuse release party, 05.11.2016;

19.431154, -99.136832~Mexico City,Mexico~/42.2 opensuse release party Mexico, 05.12.2016;

45.494790, -73.56239~Montreal,Canada~, 06.12.2016;

28.0339, -1.6596~Algeria,Djelfa~, {{{5}}};

-6.591870999999999, 106.81001800000001~Bogor, Indonesia~, openSUSE Leap 15 Release Party;