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We, the LXDE team, contribute to the openSUSE-LXDE project and work on the integration of the LXDE Desktop Enviroment with openSUSE products. We enhance the wiki sites around LXDE and support the openSUSE:Guiding principles.


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  • Swing by the openSUSE-LXDE IRC channel named #opensuse-lxde where day-to-day conversation and support relating to openSUSE-LXDE happens.
  • - The openSUSE-LXDE mailing list is open for developers and users.
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Name Interest / Responsibility.
Andrea Florio Founder and Administrator of the openSUSE LXDE project, actually main packager, maintainer, wiki sites author
Mario Behling community contact LXDE project
Pavol Rusnak packager
Lee Matheson tester, wiki contributor, producer of promo video
Guido Berhörster tester, packager

How to join

Feel free to Join the team, just contact us.