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About Me edit

I am a retired Spacecraft Operations Engineer and a Linux enthusiast (at home).

I left Win95 in 1998 for RedHat, and left Red Hat in 2001 for SuSE. I pretty much missed the Win98, 98se, 98me, WinXP, Win-Vista, and Windows-7/8/10 OS as a result of my using only Linux at home since 1998 (I am truly pathetic with those Windoze OS).

I started making an effort to contribute back to the Linux Open Source Free Software movement (per the Free Software Foundation definition) in late 2005 when I joined some SuSE Forums. An area where I am attempting to contribute to the open source movement is helping newbies get basic sound working on their PCs. I've also contributed a bit to the openSUSE wiki, where time and my experience permits.

Some documentation work that I have started, or contributed to (and would like to get more contributions to improve these wiki):

The things I like about openSUSE are:

Aside from the nominal internet browsing, email, chat, video/music playback, and office application functionality of openSUSE, the main thing that I use openSUSE for is to create home videos, using application such as kdenlive.

I am Irish/Canadian. I currently live in Thailand. I am also a moderator on Email: oldcpu at

Contact edit

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