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openSUSE:GNOME testing

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Testers Needed

You don't have to be a coder to be a part of the team getting ready for openSUSE. We need folks like you to test out some of the cool new software that has been packaged for testing and functionality.

Note that while enhancement requests are always appreciated, this is not the place for it. We just want to make sure nothing is actually broken.

Latest development build of GNOME are available for both openSUSE and Factory. See GNOME repositories for more information.


The following packages are for inclusion in openSUSE GNOME. They may be found in various locations, such as Factory, a packager's personal repository or elsewhere. So check the Repo column for exact package location.

After testing, report your results to the associated bug report for that package. If you're interested in continuing testing as the package gets updated, be sure to keep yourself as cc'ed on the associated bug report.

STATUS: Testers Needed

These packages need testers.

Package Bug Report # Package Location Packager Packager Notes

STATUS: Suspended

These packages have testing suspended for various reasons (i.e., postponed to a later distribution, or needs more work before testing again, etc.)

Package Bug Report # Package Location Packager Packager Notes
ExamplePackage2 (BNC) (Repo Name) suseROCKs awaiting updated release

STATUS: Closed

Testing is done. The Packager thanks you for your help.

Package Bug Report # Package Location Packager Approved for 11.0 Inclusion?
ExamplePackage3 (BNC) (Repo Name) suseROCKs Yes