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The members of the Education team

  • contribute educational desktop and server applications
  • work on integration of education applications with openSUSE products
  • enhance the wiki sites and add descriptions for single applications
  • support the openSUSE:Guiding principles


This is how you can communicate with us.


Name Interest / Responsibility.
James Tremblay Founder of the openSUSE Education project
Jay Migliaccio packager
Fajar Priyanto spreading the words
David Brower Novell Education Industry Marketing
Forrest Gaston IN ACCESS Technical Consultant. Press contact for Indiana.
Sarah Semon Teacher Educator
Andrew Williams Teacher
Jordi Massaguer YaST, Repo and community maintainer for Linkat
Andrea Florio Packager, Italian translator and Team Administrator
Jordi Bruguera Linkat devel team leader
Alex Inman Linux Laptops in Education LinuxLaptops
Tom Hafemann Campbellsport School District, Technology Director
Scott Valcourt Research Project Manager, University of New Hampshire Computer Science Department
Peter Varkoly Developer of the SUSE Linux School Server and OpenSchoolServer
J. Daniel Schmidt YaST2 module (Edu-Users) for Edu-CD
Andreas Ochs The designer of the openSUSE-Edu-Logo, packager and Team Administrator
Indrayana MB. Wiki/Documentation Localize Translation for Bahasa Indonesia, Experimental testing and deployment in schooll at growing country, Spreading the Words.
Jonas Björk Skolstaden, Helsingborg/Sweden. Running terminal clients in eduction.
Jan Weber Easy-LTSP developer, working on YaST2 education module
Jigish Gohil Main Team kiwi-ltsp developer and Team Administrator
David Van Assche Sugar Maintainer and kiwi-ltsp / openSUSE-edu contributor
Ansgar Esztermann Packager, mainly biophysics-related software
M. Edwin Zakaria Spreading the Words, deployment in large number of school

Members of the Education Testing Team

Name Interest / Responsibility.
Jigish Gohil testing kiwi-ltsp and related packages
Kusum Madarasu Debugging (any language)
Ankit V. Nevatia testing overall packages

How to join

Want to join our efforts? Just talk to us!