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About Me edit

My name is J. Daniel Schmidt - in short: jdsn. You can send pizza vouchers or other messages to jdsn _ opensuse _ org.

I am working for SUSE. With my team we maintain the Engineering Infrastructure, this includes the bare metal hardware, network infrastructure, cluster setups and all services that run on top, that the Engineering department requires to do their work. At SUSE I started as a developer so I now know both sides.

These are projects that I am involved with coding:

  • SUSE OpenStack Cloud
    • Developer and Packager
    • Automation Engineer
    • Creator of mkcloud, CICD tool (run in Jenkins) to test pull requests within a fully virtualised cloud
  • Continuous Integration
    • Running Jenkins servers that automate big parts of SUSEs development workflow
  • Subscription Management Tool (SMT)
    • core developer
    • creator of the SMT JobQueue and the Rest-service
  • YaST2
    • registration
    • ca-mgm (CA management)
    • x11
    • gpm (console mouse)
  • WebYaST
    • registration