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openSUSE:Defrag team

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The goal of the defrag project is to combat the fragmentation between teams, groups and services in openSUSE.

It seems to us that openSUSE has many niche places that don't talk to each other that much, let alone report their activities to hubs accessible to outsiders or potentially interested contributors.

Also, events and activities are not always visible and more often than not, people would find out about a community event or an outage when it's too late.

We suspect that this kind of fragmentation and opacity makes it more difficult than necessary for new users to onboard the openSUSE Project and for users to enjoy it as much as it deserves.

Our hope is that in so doing we will also help strengthen the bounds between people, teams and communities.

We are currently working on the first step to achieving this: building a user-friendly REST API allowing users across all the platforms (e.g. Matrix, Telegram, Discord, forums, web) to perform searches for all kinds of things, e.g.:

  • zypper search
  • documentation search
  • bugzilla search
  • wiki search
  • progress/pagure search
  • news
  • events and other activities

Work on a Telegram bot has also began.


Here is how you can contact us

  • Telegram group
  • In our meetings, which are announced on the GitHub Wiki.


A short intro and then list the member with a link to the wiki members page.

How to join

If you're a Python developer and want to contribute, that's great! Join our Telegram group mentioned above and just start working on GitHub!