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openSUSE @ CLT 2011

The openSUSE Projekt is planning a community booth at the Chemnitzer Linux Tage 2011.

General Information

About CLT see the Chemnitzer Linux Tage website
  • Location: Chemnitz, Germany
  • Date: 19-20 March 2011
    • Booth Setup: 18th March
    • End: 20th March 7pm
    • Opening Times: Sa. 8:30 So 9:30 for booth personal
  • Do we have a booth? requested/ and one for openSUSE medical/Oyranos to
  • Who is organizing this event? Gnokii
  • Will there be any openSUSE related talks? requested, openSUSE A-Z Guide, 11.4 talk &Inkscape workshop Gnokii,


Who will attend?

travel cost*
User:Gnokii Chemnitz live 4km away ;) - hopefully come home after social event should go with tram that day and request the ticket :D
Michal Hrusecky User:-miska- Prague 19. March 2011 20. March 2011 CLT gym hall with sleeping bag
Sascha Manns User:Saigkill Mayen (Rhineland-Palatinate) 18. March 2011 21. March 2011 CLT gym hall with sleeping bag 131,00 - 191,00 Euro (depends on time of booking)
Jan Krings User:liquidsky89 Neuss (North Rhine-Westphalia) 18. March 2011 21. March 2011 Mercure Hotel
  • travel costs in case you need reimbursement. Note that reimbursement money is scarce, don't ask for it if you don't really need it please! The organisator of this event must ask the openSUSE board (cc Jos Poortvliet) for a decision to reimburse travelers once it is clear how much will be needed.


We have only power supply until 600W at the booth! An RJ45 link is provided and WLAN in the whole area. Some material is needed for the booth setup. Please add things you are able to provide:

How much?
USB Driving wheel -miska- 1 So we can do some racing on the event
Old SUSE poster -miska- 1 We've got some old SUSE Poster with logo (can try to find out what exactly do we have)
Plushgeeko liquidsky89 1 nope