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Purpose of the OBS Plasmoids (Some of the use cases):

1.) Users can see the latest package status using the plasmoids.

2.) The updates of respective packages can be viewed

3.) The update history of the package can be viewed

4.) The project status can be displayed

5.) The user can be given the option to choose the features according to requirement

6.) The status of the OBS can be displayed

Regarding Development on Plasmoids:

The following link will prove quite useful in the development of plasmoids:

1.) A Brief Tutorial on Plasmoids Development using Javascript:

2.) The API Reference for Javascript Plasmoids:

Build Service Interfacing:

The plasma widgets will interface will interact with the Build Service with a DataEngine. The DataEngine (obsdataengine) has been developed in C++, and uses Qt Network and Qt XML libraries for retrieving and setting data, which will ultimately be used by the widget.

The dataengine will use the API call as a parameter, and will fetch the data from the API, and set it for use with the widget.

Current Status on the Project:

The project is in development, with three widgets complete, but requiring some improvements. The widgets related to OBS Status, Project Status, and Request Lists are more or less complete.

Link to Project on Gitorious:

TO DO List:

-> Service Status Plasmoid:

Check about Queue High, Med, Low in Scheduler

Improve Formatting

--> Build Results: Cause of Failed Build Change required in way of setting data Improve Formatting Project Not Found Error Handling

Error Code 400/404 in all plasmoids

Icons for Plasmoids