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Reporting NVIDIA related bugs

Unless mentioned otherwise use component X11 3rd Party Driver in Tumbleweed or X NVIDIA Driver in PUBLIC SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 15 SP6 - also for Leap 15.6.

What are NVIDIA related bugs

Your system is using NVIDIA GPU, You have installed nvidia drivers as desribed in SDB:NVIDIA_drivers and experience problems such as:

  • Your monitor remains black, shows scrambled output, or is driven in the wrong resolution or with wrong refresh rates.
  • The Xserver freezes or even the whole computer freezes, notably during X11 startup.
  • Fonts are rendered wrong in all(!) applications.
  • Rendering artifacts, e.g. stray pixels or random patterns, even on a non supported resolution.
  • You have followed NVIDIA troubleshooting guide but issue wasn't fixed.

What to include in bug reports

  • As always: a good description of what this is all about and how to reproduce.
  • Please try to reporduce issue with nomodeset and share with us whether it helped.

Output of (part of e.g. nvidia-compute-utils-G06) provides compreshensive information which itself should be sufficient.

Alternatively you might want to share:

  • Whether you use wayland or not
  • Your observations from the NVIDIA troubleshooting guide
  • Output of dmesg
  • Output ofrpm -qa | egrep -i "nvidia|kernel-default|wayland|nouveau|mesa" | sort
  • /etc/X11/xorg.conf (if it exists)
  • /var/log/Xorg.0.log (if it exists)
  • If the Xserver crashed and has been restarted afterwards, use /var/log/Xorg.*.log.old instead.
    • hwinfo --gfx
  • If the bug is related to monitors remaining black or is driven with wrong parameters like resolution. The output of
    • hwinfo --monitor executed in runlevel 3 (!)
    • xrandr (executed in your Xsession)
  • Output of dmesg after booting with kernel option drm.debug=0xe
    • Possibly you need to boot with kernel option nomodeset in runlevel 3 before to configure sshd and adjust firewall settings in order to enable ssh login. Then reboot again regularly and login via ssh to extract this information. Unfortunately you need a second machine to do this.

Please do not tar or zip these files, but use seperate attachments. Use the content type text/plain for each of them in Bugzilla. It's much easier to work with logfiles this way.