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The work of the openSUSE Boosters is organized in a project management tool called retrospectiva. It is reachable for everbody at The best hing about this tool is that everybody, yes that means you, can simply follow what we work on. For this you need to understand a few things, most importantly the Terminology we use.


Milestones are big things we want to achieve. Like

   Rid the world of all Evil


Goals are simpler things than milestones. They are defined from the customers point of view. It can be for example something like

   Destroy the One Ring so we can get rid of the Dark Lord


Stories are simple technical steps that need to be done to reach a goal. Stories can be done by people. In this example it would be something like:

   Cast the ring into a Vulcano (Frodo)
   Pretend to have the One Ring to distract the Dark Lord (Aragon)
   Be the backup for Frodo (Gollum)

Customers don’t really want to know all that, the important thing is that we reach the milestone (no more evil in the world).


Sprints are the time units in which goals are achieved through finishing all stories they consist of. If goals are not achieved they are simply moved to the next sprint. Once all goals are finished the milestone is reached and a new milestone is sought after.


The interface of Retrospectiva is pretty straight forward. On the top navigation bar you can choose how detailed you want to look at what we do.

Retrospectiva navigation.png

If you choose the milestone option you will always see the three milestones we currently work on. They provide you with a high level overview and are probably the main information you can gather from this tool. If you choose the goals option you can have a look at the goals in the currently running sprint, which you can choose at the right hand menu. This is the perfect view on our projects to see if something is going forward. The less goals there are the more advanced we are in the project. In the stories view you do the same, choose a sprint at the right menu and you have very detailed overview about what we currently work on, down to the simple tasks.


Milestones we might do in he future we loosely track in this wiki on our openSUSE:Boosters backlog page.

Boosted! Gallery

Completed milestones we track here too. Check our openSUSE:Boosted gallery