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Next Milestone - Appstream

We are going to help the Appstream team to get everything they need from our infrastructure and help them to get their tools into our distribution.

Suggested milestones

Here is a rather unstructured list of what we might want to work on in the future.


  • Facilitate exemplary communication
  • Administration group for infrastructure inclusive non-novell employees
  • Thank-you list for contributors on releases
  • openSUSE "Evenings" & "Brown Bags"
  • openSUSE at Universities
  • Improve promo/PR material
  • Formalize testing work, testcases
  • Get Packman people more involved


  • Change or infrastructure from iChain to openID
  • openTasks - Automatically list open tasks people can pick up
  • Improve hermes and integrate it into more infrastructure
  • Add Trac or Redmine capabilities to OBS projects
  • Improve our web search capabilities
  • Integrate OBS and SUSE Studio Marketplace
  • Improve google ranking
  • Improve event handling in connect for ambassadors (Feature #312184, Feature #312178, Feature #312584, Feature #312757)