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Contact Details edit


  • Email: adathor at
  • Matrix:
  • Telegram: @adathor
  • Twitter: @adathorium

My name is Attila Pinter, some of you may know me as "Adathor". I currently live in Jakarta, Indonesia. I'm a husband, father of three, a DevOps engineer, a small business owner specialized in storage solutions, and a FOSS advocate. Been using openSUSE for a little over a decade now (mostly as a "Quiet Penguin"), and currently powering a little over 6PB of storage servers across Indonesia.

I was one of the initiator of the - by now - infamous revamped documentation project, I help out new and old users on the Telegram group which I'm also moderating. Currently spending more time on testing MicroOS Desktop, and planning to help out with MicroOS Desktop XFCE.


Actions of the past few months made me realize (even more) that we have a serious moderation problem causing issues across the project between users, developers, and frequently between contributors, but mostly creating an environment where developers, maintainers, and contributors might not feel safe or motivated to do what they like. This is what also motivated me to leave the documentation project behind.
While I believe that having an openSUSE Foundation is important, keeping the project intact, and living up to our reputation as one of the most welcoming and kind community in the FOSS world where contributors can feel safe to do what they like - within the project boundaries - is even more important therefore my main focus would be on project wide moderation. This might need some changes, and explaining to do for new - and potentially some old - users on how to work together while respecting one another in openSUSE, and in the FOSS world in general.

Vote for me because...

  • I can get along with people,
  • I own my mistakes,
  • I care deeply about the project,
  • I care about the community,
  • I care about mental health,
  • I care about you.


Drop it here if you got any ^_^

Jens <>: I spent a lot of time with Attila in the openSUSE Bar and therefore believe that he is a good person for the openSUSE board. Attila is a really nice person who has done a lot for the project and showed that he cares about it and its people. I also believe that better moderation is definitely needed, as we have seen in the past weeks. All the best of luck, Attila!