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Note: This page is used by the candidate of the board election as a platform to show his views and answer some standard questions.

Introduction and Biography

Contact Details edit

During one openSUSE conference

Contact Details

Contact details in short:

  • Email: DocB at
  • IRC: DocB on
  • Twitter: @coogor
  • My openSUSE Userpage
  • Matrix:

Hello all, my name is Axel Braun, I live with my younger son and a cat in Düsseldorf, Germany. Most details about me you find already in the Interview for the previous board campaign.

I'm mostly active on the mailing lists (support, factory, project, arm) and maintain various packages in OBS, mainly hylafax+, some python packages, the Tryton ERP framework and the GNU Health ecosystem.

Recently I packaged Orthanc including plugins and the required packages. This is shipped with Leap 15.2 in between, so we have now a nice medical setup in openSUSE. And additionally some Raspi Images with GNU Health preinstalled. This was recognized in GNU Health- and Orthanc community as well

Currently I started rewriting the german Wikipedia-page for openSUSE.

During the last board period I was working on networking with other communities as well as on the political part and kept connection with mainly OpenForum Europe and Free Software Foundation Europe, making sure that there is a positive perception about openSUSE.

Targets for the next season

I would like to focus - amongst others - on two topics:

  • Networking

Not in terms of Wifi or Ethernet :-) but networking with policy makers and communities. We are brilliant in building great tools and the best distro, but we need to convince policy- and decision makers that free software and especially openSUSE is key for digital sovereignty. This is clearly not a single-shot activity, but an ongoing effort, which is already started. Besides this, raising the openSUSE flag in other projects and communitites - and towards the press - is fairly important. Currently openSUSE does not get the attention it should, and I want to work on changing this.

  • Legal Structure

The discussion about a legal structure for openSUSE is already ongoing for some time. I want to push this forward, so we either come to a working foundation (or e.V.) or to the conclusion that we don't find the people to work on this, or don't see the need anymore. But finally, get a path forward.

Why you should vote for me?

  • After 20+ years I'm still committed to openSUSE. And will continue to be.
  • Quite the same time as advocate for Free Software
  • Continue the successful work in the board, especially in the non-technical areas
  • For many years in contributions and support
  • Still, it would be a mistake not to do so ;-)


If you have any, please leave them below, you have my gratitude.(Thanks Knurpht, I just copied that sentence :-)