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openSUSE:Board election 2016 platform scarabeus

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Note: This page is used by the candidate of the board election as a platform to show his views and answer some standard questions.

Introduction and Biography

Hello, I’m Tomáš Chvátal, for few years openSUSE contributor and SUSE employee. Also you can find me lurking around in Prague Czech Republic.

Contact Details edit

Contact Details

My contact details in short:

I work at SUSE as a Teamlead of Packagers team. Which means I have to maintain bunch of funny packages and also give some orders to bunch of people maintaining funny packages :).
Overall my involvement with opensource started when I was on high school. I was not suprisingly studying computer sciences and decided to have more thrill in my life and to try Linux. First I installed some old RedHat which didn't last much due to the famous rpmhell fun. Then I moved for a bit under Debian and it lasted for a while. I parted way with debian when I was unable to beat its mplayer to play czech encoded subtitles and moved to Gentoo where it worked just like charm :)
With Gentoo I was first an user but also became its developer and also one of the council members. You can think of Gentoo council to be something like openSUSE board for technical matters.
When I started within SUSE I was firstly just maintaining few packages here and there but then I accepted transfer to openSUSE team. There we worked on the lovely Tumbleweed we have now and I am so fond of. From there I do some fancy stuff here and there like maintaining libreoffice or figuring out how to get ffmpeg to Tumbleweed, etc etc :)
When working on the Tumbleweed basics I tried as much to get it rolling and stable to be able to replace my Gentoo boxes with openSUSE ones.

I also have to say that we all succeeded. My machines nowdays run Tumbleweed and machines of my family members are mostly running Leap. I still have Gentoo on my HTPC for mythtv support.


  • I will try to be and encourage active discussion about the board topics.
  • Vote responsibly on the board topics.
  • Try to make our project/community nice place where one can contribute.

Why you should vote for me?

  • I am most of the time not completely out of my mind and try to be reasonable :)
  • As a ex Gentoo council member I have some experience with project governance thus should do at least average job at it :)
  • I like to make things happen, so I am good at annoying people to get done what they said will be done.


Room for your supporters to leave a word about you

Michal Hrušecký (-miska-)

I know scarabeus for quite some time and I'm sure that he will make everybody at board work even more and will come up with some ideas how to make openSUSE project even better.