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Note: Sascha's awesome 2013 openSUSE Board election platform.

Introduction and Biography

So my name is Sascha Peilicke, I'm not yet 30 years old and born badBerliner! I've been involved in the openSUSE project for more than 3 years by now while being amongst the top ten contributors to Factory for most of the time. I mainly develop the Python and Go stacks as well as OpenStack. Since I was part of the OBS team in the past, I still contribute from time to time to source services, OBS and osc. But I guess most contributors know me for my involvement in the reviewing process of Factory submissions and maintenance updates. After taking over this responsibility from darix and doing it alone for quite a while, I helped shaping up the review team we have today. As a result, the review process that was solely done by SUSE employees in the past shifted to a team that consists of both SUSE employees and community members. I also created and maintain openSUSE's Continuous Integration infrastructure that allowed to move formerly internal-only testing processes into the hands of the community. There, we're currently testing the OBS, our OpenStack packages and Yast.

Major Issues

I want a board that matters. My current feelings are that the Board has very little influence and involvement in the directions and day-to-day matters of the project. But the board shouldn't be an ivory tower nor should it's main perceivable output be the meeting minutes.

We need to bring the different groups closer together, e.g. ambassadors, conference organizers, artwork wizards, forum maintainers and packagers alike. All of these are doing a great job, but it's obvious we have to get in touch much deeper. I'm very please to see we don't have a techies vs. non-techies issue inside openSUSE. But we're not talking as regularly to each other as we could.

Minor Issues

The inside communication in the project. We should continue to make sure people create a friendly and inviting atmosphere on mailing-lists, forums and the social media. But when we get passionate about things, words can get out of control from time to time. I'm sure we can improve here.

Role of the board

The guys everybody can approach if other means are not applicable. The guys that help resolve disputes or issues should that be necessary. The guys closely that listen to and watch where the community moves and bring that to the attention of the sponsors (mainly SUSE) and vice versa to emphasize a healthy relationship.

Why you should vote for me?

Since I haven't been part of the Board before, I'd be the new guy in town. With that, I'm sure I could bring some fresh air to it. I tend to rather spend time on fixing things than discussing them to death. I would like to bring that mode of operation to the Board.


- Better out-of-the-box / end-user experience. - Staying relevant by embracing new technology (Go, rabbitmq, node.js, OpenStack, ...) - Spreading the knowledge about building and contributing to the distribution.


Room for your supporters to leave a word about you

We know Sascha as somebody who Gets Stuff Done™. That's a great attitude to bring to a body like the openSUSE Board... -- [user:jospoortvliet|jospoortvliet]]