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Note: This page is used by the candidate of the board election as a platform to show his views and answer some standard questions.

Introduction and Biography

My name is Chuck “PUP” Payne, a.k.a Terror PUP. I am an Ambassador for openSUSE. A member of openSUSE community. A end-user of openSUSE.

I got the name Pup in College. I won’t go into why, but it’s stuck with me. Terror Pup* came from me writing several poems about Lycanthrope that got publish and it was a name that I used when I was doing radio at the University of the Ozark. I kept the nick and used as my internet name. First starting at terrorp because back in the day you couldn’t have a nick longer than 8 characters, but later started using the terrorpup.

My Background to openSUSE.

I been using openSUSE since the days when it was call S.u.S.E. I started with version 5.3 back in 1998. I came to openSUSE after a bad crash with Red Hat 5.1. I has started my path into Linux with Slackware 96 because at the time Macintosh OS 8 suck and it looked like Apple might go away. Being a Machead it scared me because I didn’t like Windows 3.1/Dos. I wanted a NeXT box, but hey who had that kinda of money.

At the time I started with Slackware had no clue about how to compile software, a friend of my name David Nicklay, who I worked with at time at Avana Communications recommend that I moved from Slackware to Red Hat. I did, bought a copy of Red Hat 4.2 and was very impress with how easy it was to use rpm’s. I used it for about a year upgraded to 5.0 and then 5.1. One of things that I loved about Red Hat was the fact that I could get Real Player, but when I upgrade to 5.1 from 5.0, Red Hat didn’t shipped Real Player with 5.1.

I was upset because Real Player back in the day was a great way to listen to music from around the world. I used it to listen a show from called “One Night Stand by the Sea” out of Japan. Plus, I was getting into Techno, and there were a lot of starting online radio station , plus Real Player was the easy to play MP3.

I was pissed. I tried to get XMMS install only to kill my box. I kid you not. So, I asked David to help me out again. He had helped me install the last two boxes for me. Remember, I was come from Mac with no Unix skills. The only programmer I have ever done to that day was BASIC and Apple BASIC.

I told David about my nightmare and he told me to go Microcenter , pick up a copy of Linux Distro called S.u.S.E. The box was going to cost me $35 bucks, but it will have everything I wanted and more.

I picked the box. It was a very large box. It has two book and 5 Disc. Red Hat only came with 2. I was amazed. Some many package I was really to start. I didn’t get install until after three months of fighting with druid ( a type of fdisk). Once I had my workstation up, that was it took.

I have used other distro over the years. Red Hat, Fedora, Slackware, Ubuntu, Debian, Mempis, and Turbo Linux, only to use them for a short time and go back to openSUSE. I have played with others smaller distro, to many count.

I have push to people over the years openSUSE because of easy to use. YaST ( Yet another Set Tool) is the best configuration tool out there today.

I join the call for Ambassador in May 2009, because I saw it as a chance to give back to community. I am no way a programmer. I am System Administrator.

Computer in Genral

I got into computer by hanging out at Radio Shack. It the early 80′s there weren’t a lot of personal computer out there. Radio Shack, had there Model III TRS-80. I would spend hours playing this text base game. I think it was Adam Scott Adventure called Haunted House.

I asked for a couple of years for a computer, but again there were expense back in the 80′s. On my 16th birthday my wish came true. I got Commode Vic 20 with a tape drive for backup. From there I move on the Atari 130XE, Atari 520ST, Macintosh PowerBook 145B, Macintosh Performa 476 and countless others.

I work with Macintosh OS, FreeBSD, BeOS (Haiku OS), Solaris, and of course Linux.

Computers started out as a hobby for me. Now it my blood.

Other Hobbies.

I like to write poems. Water Colors when I can. Cook. Photographer. Watch horror and sci-fi. I think I have watch 85% of the Zombie Films made today.

  • FYI, Terror is not in the sense of Terrorist, but in Terror from Horror, I am a big horror movie fan (Esp. Zombies and Werewolves).

Major Issues

Please list any issues you feel are of a high priority that need to be addressed by the Board and how you would like to address them should you be elected

Minor Issues

Please list any issues you feel are of a medium/low priority that could be addressed by the Board and how you would like to address them should you be elected

Role of the board

Please describe your vision for the Board and how you would like to see the Board shaped under your tenure

Why you should vote for me?


Please list your aims and goals for both the openSUSE project and also the openSUSE distribution. You may highlight specific projects within openSUSE or sow the seed for new ones.


Room for your supporters to leave a word about you