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Helping openSUSE to become a leader in the Linux world. To promote the Ambassador as mentors and leaders. Create a community that truly open to all.

Introduction and Biography

Please forgive me, if this is a bit hard to read. I promise that I will try to edit to so that it easy to read.

Hi. My name is Chuck "PUP" Payne. I am currently living in Atlanta, Georgia. I married and have a 6 yrs old son and one tom cat. I am 43. I currently work for a start up called Vocalocity, where I am Linux System Administrator. I have been working as a System Administrator now for 12 years. Working for such companies as The Travel Channel, Secure Computing, and mom and pop company called GDI Engineer.

My computer background starts back in 81, I use to hang around Radio Shack to play with their TRS-80 M1. My parents bought me a Commodore Vic 20 in the hopes I would come home and stop wasting all my time there. I use that Vic20 night and day, buy any computer magazine that code I could type into and save on to tape. I remember the day it died, I was on it typing about 5 hours of this game, when I heard a pop and smoke came out of it. My folks were upset because they had spend $800 for that computer. My computers where Atari 130XE --> Atari 1040ST --> Mac PowerBook 145b. When I got mac in the early 90's, I started hearing alot about Unix, but at that time. I couldn't find any software to run on my PowerBook, so I broke down spend about $300 for case, motherboard, 500 MB Hard, some memory, and processor. I went to the local book store and bought Slackware 96 book tat came with a cd. A buddy of mine that worked with me at Avana Communications helped me installed. I can't say I was hooked because it was so Alien to me. I worked with for about three months until I crashed, the same buddy that helped me before help me get Red Hat 4.2 install, but I didn't the feel of Red Hat, nor the fact there wasn't a lot of software. So I when to one the computer and found a box set of S.u.S.E 5.3. I was so happy to see all disc it came with and more software that I could ever installed at that time. Not a lot of folks heard of S.u.S.E so I was on my own, but after getting installed I haven't turned my back on it. In fact I still hold on to my S.u.S.E to show people where I started with it all the disc I purchase.

In 2009 I joined the called to become Ambassador for openSUSE. I have travel to a few fest, Atlanta Linux Fest, Texas Linux Fest, and South East Linux Fest, all on the behalf of openSUSE. I have even had four articles published for openSUSE with such magazine of Linux Indenity and Sri Lanka FOSS.

Major Issues

One of the reason, I put my name in the ring for the board is I am seeing that we tend to copy and not lead. By this, we tend to follow what others are doing. I want to help openSUSE shine as it and lead.

I want to see to see more openSUSE set up online courses to help teach those that are new to Linux.

I like to see openSUSE start it's own PDF Monthly Magazine. I also like to see openSUSE become more accepted in North America as it is in the rest of the world.

Minor Issues

Lately, I feel that we are losing great people from the project because they can express their feelings or ideas freely. If openSUSE is truly an open project, anyone should be able to express, contribute, and share ideas.

Role of the board

As a member of the board, I like use it and my role as Ambassador to help build a strong base in the world and in North America. I love to see a stronger showing at Linux Fest.

There is no such things a stupid questions, silly ideas, or bad help. As a board member, I will work with all to make openSUSE a enviroment to feel work.

I want to try to see up an education program for users. I want to cont' my work as an Ambassador.

Why you should vote for me?


The reason I wanted to run, so many time I find that most boards are made of developers. I am not saying anything wrong with that, but I like to be one of the first openSUSE Ambassador, End Use, System Administrator and Fan to lend my experinces and passion for one of the greatest projects.

I wish that I could better express in words my passion for openSUSE.

Why vote for me?

As I stated above, I love openSUSE. I really want to step up as leader and help out more. openSUSE is not something I use, but it a part of my life. I want to give back to it what it has giving back to me. I think by me being somewhat of outside, bring my real work experience, I can offer a lot to Board.

I can assume, that some have taken my announcement as something of a joke, but be asure that it isn't. If elected, I will work very hard.

I want to help set up a mentor programmer that works with the Ambassador.As part of being Ambassador, that it's all our duty to mentor not just new Ambassadors, but all. Being an Ambassador isn't just creating artwork, writing blogs, hosting launch parties, or handing out DVD to people.

Being an Ambassador is all of that and more. We need to be like Sale Engineers, Marketing, Developers, Writes, Artist and End Users all rolled into one. I know many will disagree with this, but we to wear all hats as an Ambassador. We are the front line. We will do impacts how people see openSUSE and our community.

Plus, our Ambassador are our first line. If we can mentor them and teach them. They will in turn mentor and teach others. Thus, giving our distro the status that we are leaders.

I always want to work with everyone to make openSUSE a very open and free community to belong too.


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