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Please add yourself to the list below if you run our openSUSE-12.3-Beta (or Factory) and want to join our openSUSE:BetaPizzaParty in Prague. This is needed to plan the amount of Pizza.

What: BetaPizzaParty

Where: Czech Republic, Prague, Lihovarská 1060/12, 4th floor, Asia meeting room

When: 2013-01-30 16:00 CET

Who: all openSUSE-12.3-Beta-users

Why: fun & food

Attendee # Machines running 12.3-Beta Pizza
Michal Hrusecky 1 Vesuvio
Vojta Dziewięcki 1 (Factory)
Tomáš Chvátal 2 (12.3) Laptop and virtual Salami
Ondra Holecek 1 (Factory)
Martin Pluskal 2 (12.3) Spare testing machines Greka
Theo Chatzimichos :'(
Petr Uzel 1 (12.3) Workstation Quatro Fromagi
Martin Caj 2 (12.3) Workstation and Laptop
Jan Matějek 1 (12.3) Workstation (with 12.2 kernel because reasons)
Michal Kubeček 1 (12.3b1) virtual (with sysvinit)
Vít Pelčák 1 (12.3b1) virtual Greka
Martin Vidner 1 (12.3b1) Laptop partition neco palivyho
Stanislav Brabec 1 (12.3b1) Workstation bez masa
Martin Jambor 1 (12.3 i586)
Martin Stehno 1 (12.3) Workstation
Robert Milasan 2 (12.3) VM Gnome and KDE Hawai
add here x