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openSUSE.Asia Organization Committee is a volunteer team from openSUSE communities in Asian countries/regions. There are three representatives for each country/region, holding rights to vote for the host of next summit.

We are looking for new committees, working for our summit together with us. If you are interested to be a committee, please contact to us.

The list of committees

Name (openSUSE account ID) Country/Region Representative
Fuminobu TAKEYAMA (ftake) Japan Yes
Syuta Hashimoto (hashimotosyuta) Japan Yes
Kento Kawakami (kimitoboku) Japan Yes
M.Edwin Zakaria (medwin) Indonesia Yes
Estu Fardani (tuanpembual) Indonesia Yes
Kukuh Syafaat (cho2) Indonesia Yes
Al Cho (Alcho) Taiwan Yes
Lihan Chen (nfsnfs) Taiwan Yes
Chun-hung Huang (Sakana) Taiwan Yes
Sunny China Yes
Hillwood Yang (Hillwood) China Yes
Shane China Yes
MargueriteSu China No
Shobha Tyagi India Yes
Eric Yeoh Malaysia Yes
DaeHyun Sung (dhsung) Korea (Republic of) Yes
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